Dissolution Of Assemblies On The Cards To Push For Timely Elections

Dissolution Of Assemblies On The Cards To Push For Timely Elections

After the budget as been presented, key players in the ruling PDM have begun to push for dissolution of assemblies to proceed with Elections 2023.

The political heavyweights, PML-N, PPP and JUI-F, have started consultation to reach a consensus by the first week of July, sources said on condition of anonymity, intending to not reveal the election strategy.

PPP Co-chairman, Asif Zardari, in his recent statement alluded to 'sooner than later' elections. The party chairman Bilawal Bhutto, in his recent public meeting, also spoke in favour of conducting polls on time.

The JUI-F chief Maulana Fazl-ur-Rehman, however, wants the schedule decided in the parliament, which suggests a more direct approach.

'Polls in November'

The recent statement by key PML-N leader Khurram Dastagir during an interview with a media outlet, is of key importance towards understanding the future political panorama about elections.

According to the minister, the nation should expect to vote in the new government no later than in Nov.

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A MNA from Gujranwala, he clearly considers end of 2023 as the time for the election, and is confident in his remarks that premier might go for the dissolution of the National Assembly by around the same time.

Key legislation

Two other major developments in the parliament and the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP) are also making this argument stronger that the government is thinking of holding the polls as planned.

The Senate recently passed a bill seeking amendments to the Elections Act 2017, which would give ECP the authority to announce election dates on its own.

As per Section 57-1, "The president shall announce date or dates of general elections after consultation with the [Election] Commission [of Pakistan]."

But after the change, the commission will no longer have to inform the president about any alteration in the election schedule.


Another major development with regard to the Act is the clause that limits the period of disqualification of a person to a maximum of five years. It is largely believed it will allow PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif and PTI dissident Jahangir Tareen to consent the forthcoming polls.

Election roll

The ECP announced it will freeze the electoral rolls after July 13, 2023. It urged the voters to check their registration by sending their CNICs to 8300 and get it vote registered before July 13, 2023.

Under the law, 'no revision or correction could be made in the electoral roll 30 days before the day the term of an assembly or a local government expires'.

Political and constitutional experts view the developments as a strong indicator that the elections won't be delayed any further.