'Election Talks Have No Standing Because Of Govt-Imran Distrust'

'Election Talks Have No Standing Because Of Govt-Imran Distrust'
If the Supreme Court isn't willing to take a step back, the Parliament will not, either. While the Parliament stands visibly united, the judiciary isn't.

If the judiciary wants to take a punitive step, it will have to do so for the entire House and not individuals.

The committees formed for a dialogue on election lack any standing because the coalition parties do not trust Imran Khan.

PTI chairman, thus far, isn't willing for talks and the people he sends for the purpose do not have a say in front of him, said investigative journalist Azaz Syed while talking to Khabar Say Aagay host Raza Rumi.

Economist Yousuf Nazar pointed out that the top court didn't detail out its May 14 verdict, and this alone can point to a malice.

"The Supreme Court has set a wrong precedence by issuing direct instructions to the State Bank; this has not set a good example."

The expert asserted that the solution to a political issue can only be political in nature.

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Nazar observed said that the government seems in no mode to conduct polls even next year, which is a non-democratic attitude.

"The Parliament's standing is questionable as well because everyone seems to think that the 2018 polls were rigged."

Legal expert Ahmad Hassan Shah termed it incomprehensible that the SC wants its orders implemented without questions.

He added that the matter of holding the elections within 90 days is 'preferable', not 'absolute'. "If the SC is setting new boundaries for itself, so is Parliament."

Murtaza Solangi said, "I'm not in favour of an indefinite postponement of elections, but holding polls in two provinces separately will have an impact on the system and the federation will be put in jeopardy."

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