SUCH GUP: Misplaced Priorities?

SUCH GUP: Misplaced Priorities?

Misplaced Priorities?

Our mole in PM House says that two senior party leaders met the Talented Bro last week and told him that they were worried about Great Khan’s propaganda and that party's failure to counter it could cost them heavily in the coming elections. Reference was made to the conspiracy and other lies that had diverted the public attention from incompetence to victimhood. The Talented Bro was not too interested in this. He said that he doesn't have the time right now to busy himself with the war of 'narratives'. He said he was focusing solely on convincing the Iron Friend and Al-Brince to lend some dollars as the country was diving into bankruptcy. The next day Talented Bro inaugurated the Metro Bus route in Islamabad, something he is known to deliver by himself aided by blue-eyed bureaucrats. In his new role, the question remains whether the Talented Bro will break the provincial mould and not mistake Islamabad for Lahore.

Lies, lies everywhere

The No. 1 met his former colleagues in Lahore on the weekend and had a long session answering their tough questions on the current political crisis. Our fly on the wall says that the No. 1 mentioned how Great Khan was advised time and again on economy, foreign relations and protecting Pakistan’s strategic interests but that advice was never heeded. Confessions were also made of how the Project was conceived and launched. In response to a question of Great Khan’s return, No. 1 said that the results of elections will be accepted. The zealous disinformation factories have misconstrued that statement into an intent of reinstating the Great Leader back into the PM house. Our fly says no such intention was expressed.

Guns and roses

Insiders have pointed out that after the failure of botched up attempt to remove No. 1 on the fateful night of April 9, the strategy of the erstwhile ladlaa has been to stir the hornet’s nest. After the name-specific posters and banners, references to Mir Jafar, doctored audio tapes of former generals were circulated. The public oracle of the boys was quick to respond and exposed the fake audios. Some retired analysts have been advised to stay away from TV screens and spare Pakistanis of their wisdom. It is speculated that for some time the usual suspects will not be too visible. But Great Khan continues to blare his guns towards JeeHQ; and the targeting of No. 1 is not being done without a method. Our mole says that there is complete unity of command and all efforts to divide the institution will be dealt with an ‘iron hand’. Despite such claims, at least half a dozen TV anchors continue repeat the US conspiracy, promote dubious hashtags and target No. 1. The rumour mills of Islamabad are asking if they are reading too much into the signals from a city northwest of Rawalpindi?