Massive Earthquake In China Kills Over 110

The rescue operation commenced promptly following the disaster, with videos on social media revealing fallen ceilings and debris strewn across affected areas.

Massive Earthquake In China Kills Over 110

Areas in northwest China reported shocks from an intense but shallow earthquake that killed at least 110 people, destroyed houses, and caused widespread panic among inhabitants.

According to Xinhua, the state news agency, the quake struck Gansu province, causing multiple houses to fall and forcing residents to seek refuge on the streets. The rescue operation began immediately after the catastrophe, with social media footage showing fallen ceilings and rubble strewn throughout the damaged regions.

According to the provincial earthquake assistance offices, at least 96 people were injured, the state news agency reported.

According to Xinhua, the city of Haidong in the neighboring province of Qinghai had nine deaths and 124 injuries.

The earthquake had a magnitude of 5.9 and originated 10 kilometers (six miles) under the surface, according to the US Geological Survey. The tremors were detected on Monday at 11:59 p.m. local time. The quake struck Gansu province, along the border with Qinghai province, where Haidong is located.

According to Xinhua, the magnitude of the earthquake was 6.2.

According to Xinhua, some rural villages' water and electricity supplies were disrupted.

As part of an emergency response plan put in place immediately after the earthquake, emergency services, including fire departments, were sent quickly. Provincial leaders were also on their way to examine the situation on the ground.

The epicenter of the earthquake was around 100 kilometers (60 miles) southwest of Lanzhou, the capital of Gansu province. Following the first tremor, several minor aftershocks occurred, adding to the difficulties encountered by the impacted areas.

This earthquake serves as a reminder of the country's vulnerability to earthquakes. Earlier in August, eastern China had a 5.4-magnitude earthquake that injured 23 people and caused the collapse of multiple structures, underscoring the area's recurring seismic activity.