Everything You Need To Know About Fifa World Cup 2022

Everything You Need To Know About Fifa World Cup 2022
This is a guide to the biggest sporting festival on the planet. In the next few weeks the matches being played between 32 football loving nations are going to be watched by billions across the globe. Here is what you need to know prior to watching and enjoying this amazing sporting event.

Group A


Qatar are the host nation for this world cup hence got to the finals without the need to qualify. Having said that the team has made remarkable progress since the country landing the hosting rights.

They are the Asian champions of 2021 and have participated in two different South American tournaments as guests and actually did very well against teams like Argentina and Colombia. At no rate they can be taken lightly in this tournament. There are objections on Qatar’s scheme of naturalising talented footballers from African countries and inducting them in to the national team but Qatar cites human rights as an excuse for the newly naturalised players. This practice of making global talent a part of national team has been there for decades in countries like UK US and Germany so I don’t see why Qatar cant use the same process to strengthen their Team. Qatar in the run up to this world cup have been playing a 5-2-3 defensive system with two holding midfielders and a solid defensive five. We don’t expect to see many goals from them but expect them to be defensively solid and hard to score against.


Asian player of the year 2019 playing on left wing of Qatar national team is the best player in Qatar team and also a star player for his club Al Sadd. He has the number 10 shirt for his national team and has played for Spanish club Villareal. Afif is more of a playmaker and he is likely to provide more assists than actually scoring goals himself.


Ecuador traditionally has always been a team with huge home advantage. They play their football at a level above the sea with low oxygen tension and all the teams visiting them struggle. This season Ecuador has broken that tradition and actually managed to win a few away games during a very impressive qualifying campaign. If you qualify ahead of Chile and Colombia then you ought to be respected as a team. Their preferred and successful formation has been 4 2 3 1. They like two holding midfielders with two wingbacks stretching the game and a number 10 playmaker working with the lone striker. They can be flexible and act as 4 3 3 depending on the opposition they face.


Wearing number 7 shirt the premier league Brighton left fullback is an absolute handful. He is a brave defender and leads the back 4 line and keeps them glued but we are likely to see him in an advance role overlapping on the left wing against teams like Qatar.


Senegal is a football loving nation well known to produce world class footballers and the last time a world cup was held in Asia they had a brilliant run in the cup. Their team is a lot better than the 2002 team and they are the African champions. The pace in the team allows them to play a 4 2 3 1 formation where they can afford to have two holding midfielders to protect their back four but also two electric wingers with a lone striker aided by a playmaker. Senegal considering their group have high hopes of once again storming through to the later stages in an Asian world cup.


Senegal’s number 10 is Bayern Munich Star Mane. The premier league and Liverpool fans are well aware of his ability on the ball and his eye for the goal. Unfortunately he is injured for the first game against Netherlands but Senegal hopes and pray that Mane will be fit for the matches against Ecuador and Qatar as those two games are extremely important for Senegal to qualify and they will need their talisman fit and raring to go in those important fixtures


The Dutch are in Qatar with their orange adding to the colour of the world cup. They have always been known as the best team never to have won the world cup and in recent past there have been some near misses where they lost a final and a semi final. They always tend to do well in cup competitions and they have a decent team this time around. They play a 5 3 2 formation with 5 in the back actually 3 defenders and 2 wing backs who go forward a lot whilst beefing their midfield and relying on exceptional talents of players like De Jong. Dutch will be hoping to top the group to get a somewhat easier fixture and avoid England in round of 16.


Dutch number 21 is De Jong. The Barcelona midfielder who showed is ability and class in a young Ajax team that played the semi finals of UEFA CL under the management of Ten Haag. De jong is the person who makes this dutch team work and is responsible for the possession of the ball in midfield and then spraying it to the wings keeping the team as a cohesive unit. A role that Pirlo so amazingly played for Italy in the years gone by. This world cup is likely to make De Jong a household name if he manages to show the ability and class we all know he possesses.


It’s a hard group to call as Ecuador and Senegal both would like their chances with the draw. Qatar wont want to go away easily being the hosts and Netherlands would want to top the group to find an easier route to QF stage of the tournament. I feel that Netherlands and Senegal should have enough to qualify from this group

  1. Netherlands

  2. Senegal

  3. Qatar

  4. Ecuador



England are now deemed as a favourite team in cup competitions since the reign of Southgate. They have managed a semi final in the world cup and a Euro final in last 4 years and their team is full of talented young hungry players. They do play a 4 3 3 system but with the injuries and the form of their central defender Maguire being a concern they might resort to a 3 2 3 1 1 formation with 3 central defenders two holding midfielders and trio alongside Mount / Maddison to support Kane. It’s a shame that due to their ultra- defensive style of play England can not get a world class talent like Phil Foden in starting 11. Whatever way they play the English fans expect them to win the group B and win it easily


Captain, goal scorer and talisman of this English team. Kane has got better since 2018 and would be desperate to add to his goals and take his team further in to the tournament. He has been scoring a lot of goals this season in the premier league and if the team manages to get him service he should be contesting for the golden boot in this world cup


Wales has qualified for the world cup though there were times in the qualification when it didn’t seem likely. In Euro 2016 they had a superb run in Euros and got to the last four. At the time their star players Bale and Ramsey both were on top of their game and they looked a solid unit. This time around both Bale and Ramsey are in the twilight of their careers but looking at the rest of the teams in the group Wales would fancy their chances of making it to the last 16. Wales like to play a 5 3 2 formation that allows Bale to drift in to the wing or come centrally to have maximum impact on the game.


If you are a football fan then you know who the former Spurs and Real Madrid superstar is and you have watched him score world class goals in UEFA CL final. If not then when watching Wales look for the number 11 guy who will run at his opponents and bury a few balls in the net during this world cup.


Iran are back in the world cup and to be fair they have given a fairly decent account of themselves in previous world cups against Argentina and Portugal. Iran has always been a very solid team defensively and have always struggled scoring goals. Now in Taremi they have one of the most in form goal scorers in European football. It’s a managerial headache as they would like to play both Taremi and Azmoun which can only happen as 4 4 2 but that makes them weaker defensively. My guess is that they would start with Taremi up front and then make changes as they situation of the game demands. With Wales and US in the group Iran fans believe that they have enough to qualify for the nest round.


Iran’s number 9 who also happens to be one of the best strikers in UEFA CL playing for Porto. A name that Arsenal and Spurs are very keen on and almost moved to Arsenal as a loan signing last January. He is highly skilled and if Iran as a team manages to get him any for of service he will put the ball in the net. His presence increases the chances of Iran to qualify from the group.


US are back for yet another world cup and once again we will be lucky to watch another US IRAN football classic. The last time they met Iran they lost 2-1. This US team is different though. They have a lot more talent in the squad than they ever did and some of their players are playing in the top clubs around the world but they have struggled to gel as a team and their qualification left a lot to be desired. They need to somehow sort out the internal turmoil of the dressing room and act as a team but I can not see it happening. For me US seems the weakest team in the group and I see Iran and Wales to fight it out for the second place in the group.


Wearing number 7 for his national team Gio Reyna plays for Dortmund and is a prodigious talent. He has the ability to retain the ball and pass it through the eye of a needle. His presence has forced the manager’s hand in to a 4 3 3 formation with a heavier presence of attacking midfielder. US are a goal scoring team but they also concede goals. If they are to progress to next round it will be down to their number 7 Gio Reyna and his world class skills as a midfielder.

Group B review

England should easily win this group as they seem too strong for other 3 teams. Us are unlikely to progress which leaves Iran and Wales to fight it out. I favour Wales a tiny bit owing to the experience of highest level of football that Bale and Ramsey bring with them. Though if Taremi has a good day against Wales then Iran will be facing Netherlands in round of 16.

Group B

  1. England

  2. Wales

  3. Iran

  4. USA



35 games unbeaten heading in to this world cup. They have Martinez in goal, Martinez and Romero as central defenders, Messi as play maker and Alvarez alongside Lautaro Martinez to score goals. Messi is playing his last world cup and for last 2 years he has openly prioritised Argentina over club football. He wants the trophy that gets him the same status as Maradona in the eyes of his people. The way the draw seems to go, he has a chance and If I was to pick one team to win the trophy I would back Argentina to do it. They have a pragmatic 4 1 2 3 formation with one holding midfielder 2 central attacking midfielders alongside two wingers and a striker.


If you don’t know who the star plater for Argentina is then my advice is that you stop reading this article and do something better with your lives.


Mexico has always been a round of 16 to quarter finals team. They are always good in world cup and their teams contain some house hold names from European football. This Mexico side is a bit of a disappointment though and their qualifying campaign was less than ideal. They have managed to get to this world cup as there isn’t much of a competition in North America to get in to the last 32. I cant see them going beyond the group stage though which will be a shame as Mexican football’s decline seems to be going on forever. They play an expansive 4 1 2 3 system but do not have the talent or resources to take better teams on.


Still one of the most lethal strikers in the world of football. His head collision with David Luiz against Arsenal resulting in a skull fracture gave him a very long time on side lines but he is back playing though struggling to achieve his best form. He hasn’t scored many for Wolves and hence they are bottom of the league but for Mexico if he gets the service he should score a few.


Poland have qualified for the world cup with a team that has a good goal keeper a solid defence and probably one of the most lethal goal scoring partnership up front with a silky skilful playmaker providing service to by far the best striker on display in this world cup. Lewa is lethal on his own as he showed in his Bayern days and now scoring right left and centre for Barca but if you put Zelinski behind him then he gets even better. The presence of these two results in a 4 4 1 1 system as they play with solid defence and a playmaker feeding the striker.


With Haaland and Norway not showing up one can safely say that Lewandowski is the best number 9 in this world cup. He is head and shoulders above the rest and can win games on his own though he does have a group of really good players around him and with Mexico looking weak Poland fans must be hoping for at least round 16.


Saudi Arabia has always been an enigma. They look flawless and smooth when playing in Asia against Asian opponents but the moment they reach the world stage they become the whipping boys of their group and never look like getting a point let alone winning a game. Despite the world cup being staged in the Arab world I cant see KSA managing a win in their group. They play a predominantly defensive 4 2 3 1 and will hope to get a draw in one of the three games to get on the points board


The man responsible for the Saudi win over Egypt in 2018. He scored and played an excellent game all around. He has been involved in world cups in 2014 and 2018 and brings all that experience along with his stint in Spain where he played for Villareal. If Saudi Arabia has to get any joy in this world cup it will come from this man who now wears the number 10 shirt for KSA.

Group C Review

Argentina will finish top of the group. Poland will finish second. Both Mexico and KSA do not have the players resources or teams to upset these two so probably group C is the easiest group in the world cup to predict.

Group C

  1. Argentina

  2. Poland

  3. Mexico

  4. KSA



People who are old enough o remember the cricket world cup of 2003 can relate to this French team easily. In that world cup Pakistan on paper was the strongest team and did not make it out of the group stage. Player egos and infighting resulted in multiple defeats and France faces a similar situation in this world cup. No Pogba and No Kante means a weaker midfield but with Benzema and Mbappe this French team is an absolute power house. Mbappe wants to play with Giroud though and Benzema feels better with Mbappe on the bench. They need to get their act together or they wont go far in this world cup. If they somehow manage to play as a team then they are by far the best team in the world but that seems highly unlikely. The 3 2 3 2 formation makes space for Mbappe Benzema and  Griezmann but it helps the opponents as well and France ship a lot more goals than they should.


With Messi and Ronaldo nearing the end of their careers This young Frenchman is the best footballer in the world. He has pace skill and shooting ability. He has managed to win most of the games for PSG this season and has looked better than Neymar and Messi. If French management decides to play Giroud alongside Mbappe and sacrifice Benzema for the cause then we might see this man having a Zidane or Maradona impact on this world cup


Now this is the exact opposite of France. Denmark is a team where the sum of all players is bigger than an individual player. They play as a team and outperform most of their opponents with hard work team ethic and resilience. This Denmark team should get to the quarter finals and showed in Euros how a team that gels together performs beyond expectations. The 4 2 3 1 formation makes them a solid team which is hard to beat and also allows the flair players to design and implement attacks in the opponent’s half. There is a consensus in most of the football experts that it will be Denmark and not France who top group D


Danish number 14 and Brentford’s new signing Damsgaard impressed with his fearlessness and ability on the ball in Euros. He has continued to grow further and is an extremely important player for Denmark on the left wing. People who like playing fantasy football during world cup should definitely include this promising young man in their team


Football is a sport that requires youth and ability to run fast and unfortunately for Tunisia they lack both these abilities. Tunisia has failed to produce good enough young players to represent the country on a global stage and they are relying heavily on experienced players who are playing their last world cup. That makes Tunisia a very weak side when it comes to facing giants like France and Denmark. The 4 1 2 3 formation is designed to flex in to a 4 5 1 and concede possession to achieve a clean sheet. I don’t see them doing very well in this world cup


The defensive midfielder currently playing for Cologne in Germany is the backbone of this Tunisian team. He works in the pivot allowing the other two midfielders to venture forward and hopefully against Australia he will show his skills and ability. Its too much of an ask to stop France or Denmark though.


Australia are back in the world cup but probably this is the weakest Australian football team to play a world cup. They have some good players but lack the quality and resources to compete with the Mbappes and Erikssons of this world. They will put up a good fight though as they always do and will be a disciplined well organised unit. They play a compact 4 4 1 1 formation and concentrate on protecting their goal


27 year old Cadiz forward number 11 Mabil is probably the best player Australians have in their line up. They might want to rely on Goodwin or another more experienced player in starting 11 to shore up the defence and be less adventurous but if Australia are to score goals or try and win a game then Mabil is their best bet.

Group D Review

Denmark will go through and the question is will France manage to get to next round and probably face Argentina if they finished second to Denmark. France currently are hopeless but the other two teams in Tunisia and Australia are too weak to predict anything but French qualification

Group D

  1. Denmark

  2. France

  3. Tunisia

  4. Australia



A difficult one for Germany as historically Germans always turn up for the world cup. Whatever state the team is in they tend to progress further in tournaments but that has not been happening in the last few years and the national team has struggled to get results. The team in itself is weak defensively with multiple defenders prone to getting cards and being sent off. Still a solid midfield with creativity and some world class forwards. Having said that they still do not have an out and out striker good enough to run for the golden boot. That results in a strange 4 4 1 1 formation with Werner or Jamal up front and Gnabry and Sane providing the threat from the wings.


German number 11 is a dynamic winger who plays fearless football and is a better bet for goals than any other of his team mates. Its world cup and Thomas Muller has a world class record in the cup but this year Gnabry carries most of the German dreams and for Germany to go further in the tournament they will need Gnabry and Sane at the top of their game.


Spain are still playing a very attractive attacking tikki takka version of football but they do not have a Xavi or Iniesta to make it click. In Pedri we probably have one of the best midfielders in the world. Spain also have Fran Torres, Morata and Fati who can score goals for them. Their formation rotates and is very dynamic on the field of play with all the players very comfortable on the ball. They set up as 4 1 3 2 with Gavi / Sergio as a pivot defensive midfielder but there is a lot of flexibility. They are not the favourites to win the world cup but are likely to go far in the tournament.


This is one player I am really looking forward to watch. He is the true heir to the Iniesta throne in Spain and his awareness of his team mates and the game situation is second to none. He also has a killer pass in him and can be tenacious if needed. Really a star player to look forward to. In Spain’s team he now wears the number 10 shirt.


The Asian teams are much better competitors at this level now and with the world cup being in Asia they will have a larger fan support and more chances of winning. Unfortunately for Japan they have been grouped with two of the giants of world football in Spain and Germany. I still expect Japan to give both these teams a tough game and a run for their money. Hard for them to make it out of the group though. Japan play with 8 players in 2 defensive lines and have a 4 4 1 1 formation.


Minamino can score goals and in a very well oiled and organised Japanese team he will be the person they look to along with Ito. He couldn’t hold on to his place in Liverpool squad but people like Klopp rate Minamino very highly and he is known for his eye for the goal.


Costa Rica has a major problem. They can not score goals. Even against teams where you expect Costa Rica to win easily despite dominating the game and having higher possession of the ball their team struggles to put the ball in the back of the net. That’s what will cause Costa Rica to struggle in this competition. During the qualifying campaign in any big home game you could easily have a bet on a 0-0 draw and you were likely to win the bet. They play a traditional 5 4 1 with 10 men behind the ball and a very boring version of football, If you are planning to skip a match during this world cup then skip the ones Costa Rica is playing in as they are bound to be boring.


The captain and goal keeper of Costa Rica is their star player. They will go out hoping to have 0-0 or nick a 1-0 against Germany and Spain. To get the desired result they will heavily rely on their Goal Keeper to make some saves and keep them out of trouble

GROUP E Review

Japan will fight and give both Spain and Germany a tough challenge but one expects both Germany and Spain to sail through. I do not expect any miracles from Costa Rica.


  1. Spain

  2. Germany

  3. Japan

  4. Costa Rica



The golden generation of Belgian football is nearing its end. Hazard is no longer the threat he used to be and the ever reliant Toby/ Jon defensive partnership is ageing. They now need to have a back 3 to make things work as both the main centre backs lack pace and do not have the ability to recover anymore. Despite all that Belgium still have Debruyne. He might still do a Zidane and set the whole tournament alight. Can he take Belgium all the way to the final ? He does have the ability and he might as well. Belgium due to their defensive frailties have to play a 3 4 3 with Debruyne starting on the wing and then sliding to the centre if and when needed.


He deserves a ballon d’or as he has been the most magnificent midfielder in the last decade or so. His team isn’t as strong they used to be but he might see this as a chance for him to rise above the occasion and the rest of the world. This might turn out to be his world cup and his path to his first of many ballon d’or awards.


Canada are the surprise package of this world cup. They blew US and Mexico away in the qualifying rounds and are the most potent and strongest teams to qualify from North America. What we don’t know is if that’s a sign of Canadian football on the rise or US and Mexico declining. Probably it’s a mixture of two. Under the radar but Canadians have high hopes from their team and they shall give a very good account of themselves. They play 4 2 3 1. The two defensive midfielders provide stability and they have enough of an attacking threat to cause problems to their opponents.


The striker playing his football in France with Lille is a prolific goal scorer for Canadian national Team. On the radar of Spurs Arsenal Liverpool and Manchester United, David is a generational talent and is very calm and calculated when presented with an opportunity. If Canada is to be noticed in this world cup David will have to score a few and hope to run for the golden boot


On paper Morocco can be world beaters. They have a squad that can actually win the world cup but they wont. They get cold feet at bigger stage and struggle to play as a team. I look at Morocco and I feel like give this team to Arsene Wenger and they will conquer the whole world. Best African team in the competition by a mile with every member of starting 11 playing for a top club in top 4 European leagues. They need to go 4 3 3 to use Hakimi and Ziyech and involve en-nesyri. Will they be brave enough ? we will have to wait and see.


La Liga’s player of the season for me so far. Sevilla have relied on him heavily and he has been red hot for them. Morrocco will be hoping that he brings the same form to the world cup. He has multiple players around him who can assist and let him play his game. Can they all gel so quickly is yet to be seen but I will be keeping a close eye on this young man.


Croatia has a very rich world cup history. The injury to Boban in 98 when it seemed they would have won the world cup to last year finals. They have always managed to punch above their weight and surprise the so called bigger teams. I look through their squad and I do not see that happening now. Its an ageing squad with some notable names missing. They will play 4 2 1 3 and rely on Modric to run the game for them, but they are in a very tough group and might be the first major European casualty of this world cup.


Modric is a class act and is out there to prove that age is just a number. He is still the main stay of Real Madrid and his game awareness is probably the best in the world. Like Pirlo he doesn’t need pace as he can glide across the pitch and cause serious problems to the opponents. Will he manage to drag his nation to the next round is yet to be seen but this might be his toughest test as yet.


It is a tough group with some really good teams hoping to progress. I feel Belgium will have enough to go through and in an Arab world cup Morocco being a power house of an Arab footballing nation might have the edge over an ageing Croatia squad. Canada should be happy to be there as that is success for Canada already.


  1. Belgium

  2. Morocco

  3. Croatia

  4. Canada



The top ranked nation when it comes to world football and they have a squad full of talent and it is scary to see the players that they possess. The question is if Paqueta  plays as a playmaker with Neymar as number 9 or Neymar takes the number 10 role with Jesus leading the lines. Wonderful problem to have for a manager with a team full of so many superstars that you can have 2 teams out of that squad and both could be favourites to win. Anything lower than a semi final place will be deemed as a failure for this Brazilian team.


Neymar left Barcelona to get out of Messi’s shadow to be the best and be known as the best. Overshadowed again by same Messi and Mbappe and never spoken of in the Messi Ronaldo debate. He is here leading Brazil in to the world cup and a golden ball alongside the world cup will bring his name in to the mix. Good enough motivation for Neymar to play his best football.


Serbia is the team with the best goal scoring potential in the tournament. They have some of the best strikers in world football at the moment. Vlahovic and Mitrovic are a lethal combination up front. Their defence isn’t the best so we expect a lot of high scoring games when Serbia is involved so as a football fan please don’t miss any of the Serbia games.


Vlahovic was the gold dust striker that every big club wanted and he chose to go to Juventus. He is almost as good as Kane and Lewa and has a very bright future ahead of him. He also has a partner in crime in Mitrovic who is a proven goal scorer as well. Serbia might turn out to be the most exciting team in this world cup.


Switzerland will be what Swiss have always been. Well oiled organised with a decent structure and everyone playing for each other in the team. They will defend with resolve and score with set pieces or counter attack. They will play with 2 defensive midfielders and Xhaka might venture forward if and when needed. A 4 2 3 1 formation and they will somehow go through to the next stage.


The man responsible for Arsenal’s top position in premier league and is playing the best football of his season. He leads the Swiss and leads them with pride and integrity. His presence in the midfield and his venturing forward will decide if they can go further in the tournament.


Another African team in the world cup with a weak squad and not very high hopes. Cameroon has a rich and impressive world cup history and they have a lot of pride to play for but their squad is a lot weaker when compared to the likes of Senegal and Morocco. Cameroon will have to try and be brave as defensively they are ridden with fouls and are a candidate for the team with most fouls and cards in this tournament

STAR PLAYER: Eric Choupo Moting

The Bayern Munich striker who seems to find his way in to the best teams in Europe and is very well decorated. Having said that he does tend to score important goals and Cameroon will be praying that he brings his shooting boots with him to the world cup.


This is one of the hardest groups to predict. Serbia and Switzerland both have enough to qualify. So we have Brazil to top the group and Cameroon to finish bottom and second place is up for grabs

1. Brazil

  1. Switzerland

  2. Serbia

  3. Cameroon



Koreans have been a permanent fixture in the world cup and have a semi final in their history as well. With Son in the team they are a strong team with good structure and a never say die attitude and an amazing work ethic. Korea and Iran are the two Asian teams with a good chance of progressing though Korea finds themselves in a very tough group.


Son Also known in his native country as Sonaldo, named after the legendry Brazilian Ronaldo is the main player for this Korean team and has the individual ability to run with the ball take defenders on and score goals If Korea progresses Son will have to play a very important role in the tournament.


Ghana is another African country with a good structure to them and good management. They have been performing below par internationally but one would expect them to perform to a better level and give a tough time to other teams in this group where all four teams have a chance to qualify. This group is as near group of death as one can imagine and two good teams will be heading home.


Partey is probably the best midfielder in the defensive half of the pitch playing as a solitary pivot breaking down attacks and spreading the ball with accurate passes. If Partey was to get injured Arsenal’s title challenge will get derailed. Other than injured Kante I can not think of a player who is as good in the position as Partey is and the Ghana national teams can play 4 1 2 3 because of him.


Uruguay is a south American nation where the ideas of nationalism and patriotism are drilled in to every child at a young age. The land of Suarez Forlan Cavani and Nunez has produced some exceptional footballers over the years but they always given an extra 10 % when playing for the national team and that’s the blue print of their success in global tournaments. This team is also full of devoted ready to put their bodies on line players and they will do well. Play a simple 4 3 3  to accommodate both Suarez, Cavani and Nunez.


With Cavani and Suarez retiring this man is the future of Uruguay and in his limited time at Liverpool he has shown that he doesn’t look out of place when placed alongside the super stars of this world. With Bentancur finding goal scoring form from midfield and a very tight group Nunez is the man to lead his nation to the top of this group.


If you look at the squad on paper and the draw of the tournament you can easily see this power house of a Portugal team in the final of the world cup but they have a problem and that problem is CR7. With Ronaldo’s interview suggestive of betrayal by Manchester united there is a doubt and frostiness in the camp. He hasn’t played much football and he is the greatest player Portugal has ever produced. Will he play for the team ? or will he play for Christiano Ronaldo ? The answer to this question will decide Portugal’s fate in the world cup. This team can actually get to the final without Ronaldo with the amount of talent they have.


He is one of the greats of the game. This is his last world cup and he has come to the party under  a massive shadow with his media outburst and the suggestions that he isn’t as good as he used to be. He does have a habit of proving people wrong on the pitch and if he was to perform as we know he can then we might be the lucky football fans to watch a Ronaldo – Messi world cup final.

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