Ammar, Seven-Year-Old Son Of Incarcerated PTI Leader, Passes Away In Lahore

Activists on social media demand 'justice' for Ammar, claiming his family was harassed and his father languishes in prison

Ammar, Seven-Year-Old Son Of Incarcerated PTI Leader, Passes Away In Lahore

Ammar Ibad Farooq, the seven-year-old son of incarcerated Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) ticket holder Mian Ibad Farooq, passed away at a hospital in Lahore, ARY News reported.

His death drew strong criticism from people on social media, who blamed the state for harassing the boy's family.

Farooq's brother told news outlets that Ammar had been undergoing treatment in Lahore recently for what his family described were neurologically linked illnesses. It was unclear whether Ammar's condition predated May 9

He was laid to rest in Lahore late on Monday, with a large number of people attending the funeral.

His father was allegedly involved in the May 9 attack on Jinnah House and is currently in custody pending trial. 

The authorities had intercepted an audio message in which he allegedly informed PTI activists that he had reached the Lahore Corps Commander House along with party leader Yasmeen Rashid, Ijaz Chaudhry and Mahmoodur Rasheed, among others and urged activists to storm the property.

He is among those PTI workers who are currently in military custody awaiting a trial in a military court.

Upon learning of his son's deteriorating health, he sent a message to motivate his child. 


Following news of Ammar's death, #JusticefoAmmar and Ammar started trending on social media.

Users termed it as a "senseless loss" and that his death was allegedly the result of state excesses.

Some claimed that the boy passed due to the trauma caused by the state's alleged 'brutality.'

Other said that he had a pre-existing condition that led to his passing.

Some claimed that Farooq was released briefly on compassionate grounds to visit his ailing son but was rearrested shortly after the funeral.

In an official statement, the PTI expressed deep sorrow and grief over the young boy's passing and termed it a "brutal murder" and held the "barbaric system" responsible for it.

"By abolishing the supremacy of the constitution and law, political workers and their families have been forced to suffer in this country," the statement read.

They demanded an investigation into the conduct of the caretaker chief minister, health minister and inspector general of police should be specially investigated.

Others claimed that at least one hospital had refused treatment. 

Actor and PTI supporter Mishi Khan posted a condolence message over Ammar's passing.