Judges Should Be Honest, Not 'Imranist': Maryam

Judges Should Be Honest, Not 'Imranist': Maryam
Chief Organiser of the ruling Pakistan Muslim League Nawaz, and party senior vice president, Maryam Nawaz said that Imran Khan was brought to power in 2018 on the shoulders of the military establishment, and he wants to come to power again by 'sitting on the shoulders of the judiciary' this time.

In her speech at the PMLN workers' convention in Rawalpindi, Maryam Nawaz said that before Imran Khan's regime, flatbread roti was worth five rupees and ghee cost 150 rupees. Maryam further clarified that during his four-year tenure, Khan only laid landmines while Shahbaz Sharif's government has been defusing them since April last year.

In a jibe at Khan’s wife Bushra Bibi and corruption allegations against her, Maryam said the country was undergoing severe crisis because the 'woman of the house' became the woman who 'ate the entire house'. She also said that Imran Khan made Zaman Park his 'bunker' by fooling the people into providing a 'human shield' for him.

Maryam Nawaz said that the country needs honest and civilized judges. While she acknowledged that the entire judiciary was not bad, she questioned whether some disciples of former DG ISI Lt. Gen. (retired) Faiz Hameed were still working in the courts or not.

She alluded to the court ordering former premier Nawaz Sharif to appear in person within an hour, as a sign that the judges were issuing such orders under pressure from the former spymaster.

She contrasted Imran Khan's behaviour after getting attacked in Wazirabad, saying Khan shows his plastered leg or says he is an old man whenever the courts summon him. But the same Imran Khan used to mock Nawaz Sharif's illness at every turn.

Regarding the leaked audio of former Punjab health minister and a senior police officer, the PMLN chief organiser referred to Yasmin Rashid asking in the leaked audio whether the police would arrest Imran Khan that night or not.

Maryam Nawaz pointed out PTI's hypocrisy; that the party chairman was telling people to fill the jails, while a party leader called the senior police officer to ask if the police were coming to arrest Khan or not.