National Reputation: Male Vlogger Shares Fake News About Pakistani Relief Aid To Turkiye

National Reputation: Male Vlogger Shares Fake News About Pakistani Relief Aid To Turkiye
In Pakistan, females are blamed for bringing on 'azaab' by wearing jeans and acts of peaceful resistance such as a march on the roads (for which the female workforce also pays for via taxes) all act as bad PR for Pakistan and ruin the country's 'soft image' abroad.

But what about our male vloggers? Especially those who make claims on behalf of the State or, worse, 'expose' the State. Such is the case of Amir Ibrahim, a vlogger from Sheikhupura who claimed that the aid Pakistan sent to Turkiye was actually aid that Turkiye had in fact sent to Pakistan in the first place. It was such an earth-shattering claim that even the international media picked up on it:

And what an expose of State failure it was! It actually turned out to be a blatant lie - peddled for clickbait and monetary gains for the vlogger - which has caused much damage to Pakistan's national image and already tattered international reputation.

Despite being exposed as a liar, Amir Ibrahim had nothing to say except verbally apologising. He neither admitted his mistake, nor did he outline how he would avoid peddling fake news and anti-Pakistan propaganda online.

However, vlogger Amir Ibrahim seems to be yet another one of the multitudes of "fifth generation warriors" who have been nurtured on manufactured narratives of some imagined Pakistani greatness, and who perceive the incumbent PDM government as 'crooks and liars' even though no accusation has been proven against them in any court of law.

But it is clear that this male vlogger has done immense damage to Pakistan's PR image, and that too in a brotherly country like Turkiye, which has always aided Pakistan in times of natural disaster.

When Pakistan's national image is being questioned publicly by social media 'influencers' like Amir Ibrahim, the country really doesn't need any external enemies.