Hamid Mir, Punjab Police Lock Horns Over 'Fake' Video

Hamid Mir, Punjab Police Lock Horns Over 'Fake' Video
The Punjab police spokesperson has said that senior journalist Hamid Mir has fallen victim to the fake propaganda of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) as the journalist shared a ‘misguiding’ video on Twitter on Saturday.

According to a statement issued by the spokesperson of the Punjab Police, Mir shared a fake video posted by the PTI to mislead the public. He added that sharing a fake video has affected the credibility of the journalist.

In a video posted by the PTI, the party claimed that police brought eight PTI workers from jail and pretended that they arrested them in Zaman Park during a search.

Regarding the video, the police spokesperson said that not a single person arrested in Zaman Park two days ago is present in the clip shared by the party and the journalist.

While taking a jibe at Hamid Mir, the police spokesperson said that the journalist wrote the right caption over that video: "Lies can’t exist anywhere."

He further said that the people present in the video were those who were arrested under 3MPO for staging violent demonstrations.