None the wiser

Sources say the chief cleric of Isbad’s red mosque has done what he does best. And that’s qabza. He has long been an illegal takeover specialist. First it was the Red Mosque, and when that came a cropper during Mush’s time, he did a deal, albeit reluctantly, to lie low for a bit in exchange for another bit of Isbad real estate where he could set up a more discreet madrassah. So, he went from one defunct madrassah to a new, fully functional one, across town in Sector G/7. Not content with just the one, we now hear he’s done a stealthy move, and crept from his supposedly high surveillance seminary to another one in Sector E/7 and taken over. He’s done it lock, stock and barrel, right under his minders’ noses they are none the wiser. His every action was supposed to have been monitored, and his movements restricted but he seems to have pulled the wool over their eyes.

No compassion

There seems to be no compassion in The Great Khan’s heart for The Man of Steel’s Talented Bro. Whatever his sins of commission or omission, there is no denying the fact that he served the Land of the Five Rivers well and ran an effective government for a decade. That he should be in the same row as common criminals, without any regard for his serious health issues, is a shame. He is allowed food from home, which is a mercy, but he does not have the orthopaedic bedding he requires for his injured back, nor the regular physiotherapy he needs, nor the exercise which is necessary to keep his back pain at bay. We hear a Magnetic Resonance Imaging test has finally been allowed but until the results come, Talented Bro is to have no respite from his agony, and even then, it’s unclear what relief will be granted to him.

Conspiracies galore

A change is imminent at the top of a government institution, and rumour has it that not one but three mins are vying to put their man in the top slot.

One of these is The Great Khan’s favourite, one who gives very Special Assistance. The other two are news-making mins – one of whom is coveting the other’s post, and the first is working hard to keep it from slipping away. There are other conspiracies afoot too, amongst Isbad’s current power elite to dislodge each other, with some aspirants running to The Boyz, and some making a beeline for Bunny Gala. In trying to advance their case, some supplicants claim supernatural benediction, and dreams of the divine.