Tate Brothers To Remain In Police Custody Till 27 Feb

Tate Brothers To Remain In Police Custody Till 27 Feb
Controversial social media influencer and self-proclaimed "Top G" Andrew Tate will remain in police custody with his brother (and co-accused) Tristan until 27 February, as a Romanian court has reportedly extended their detention for thirty days.

The Tate brothers are being detained on suspicions of human trafficking, sexual assault and rape. Andrew Emory Tate is a former kickboxing champion who has become a social media sensation for his 'incisive' views on the postmodern social justice movement. He and his brother Tristan have captivated global attention on social media with their opinions and comments on a plethora of issues.

Andrew is known for his blunt and confrontational approach to women issues, and his statements have often drawn the ire of rights activists. Tate was apparently "cancelled" from social media and denied service by mainstream financial institutions, while the only recent TV interview he has given is to Piers Morgan. His Twitter spat with climate activist Greta Thunberg a few weeks ago also caught the media spotlight, as he was taken into custody shortly after posting his video response to Thunberg.

A Romanian court judge has ruled that the Tate brothers will be kept in police custody for an additional thirty days, as investigators continue to build their case. The reasons for extending the brothers' detention period will be given in a written statement later, the judge ruled.

Andrew and his brother Tristan both have consistently denied the allegations against them. They claim that the entire prosecution against them is being orchestrated by "the matrix", insinuating that they "expose the lies that global powers feed the masses".

Public reaction to the arrest of Andrew Tate was mixed. Mainstream feminist activists and platforms 'celebrated' the arrest of an "unapologetic misogynist" who was openly accused of hate speech. Supporters of the Tate brothers continue to flood social media platforms with their videos, and point out apparent flaws or loopholes in the case against their icons.

Meanwhile, detectives investigating the complaints say they have seized Tate's assets worth £3.2 million – including luxury vehicles, watches and cash – from his home in Bucharest Romania.