Imran Khan Urges CJP Bandial To Investigate Into 'Murder Plots’ Against Him

Imran Khan Urges CJP Bandial To Investigate Into 'Murder Plots’ Against Him
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Chairman and former premier Imran Khan has urged Chief Justice of Pakistan (CJP) Umar Ata Bandial to open a thorough probe into ‘continuous threats’ to his life and the ‘attack’ on his Zaman Park residence.

The former prime minister alleged that a plot to assassinate him once more was afoot in a letter addressed to the CJP Bandial and dated March 20. On Saturday, Imran Khan’s residence was raided by the Punjab Police while he was at the Islamabad Judicial Complex for his court hearing in the Toshakhana case.

Imran Khan also claimed in his letter that he has repeatedly asked courts for video link capabilities for many court hearings since his "life is in danger."

"I have been putting my life at risk every time I have to make a court appearance." "No security has been provided to me, and one assassination plan against my life has already been attempted in Wazirabad," he stated.

The former premier, who was ousted on November 3, 2022, following a no-confidence motion in parliament, escaped a shooting during a rally in Wazirabad, Punjab. He further added that his claims that his life was in danger were supported by what happened during his Saturday appearance at the Islamabad Court Complex.

Former prime minister Imran Khan stated, "As we reached Islamabad and were proceeding towards the judicial complex, we were surrounded on all sides by containers to impede my arrival at the complex and before the magistrate to purposely try and create a phoney situation of no show."

He wrote, "The police and Rangers used tear gas and baton charges against unarmed residents and the PTI leadership accompanying me to agitate the mass of people assembled in support." Even worse, the police officers stationed on the complex's roof began throwing stones at the protesters, he added.

"The police attacked the workers near my car without cause while I was halfway past the complex's entrance."

He claimed he became aware of an "amiss" and that "my assassination was intended, not my arrest."

He asked for a "serious probe" into these incidents as his final request in his letter.