PM Imran Says Taliban Statements On Women 'Encouraging,' Warns Of Civil War Dangers If They Fail To Form ...

PM Imran Says Taliban Statements On Women 'Encouraging,' Warns Of Civil War Dangers If They Fail To Form Inclusive Govt
Prime Minister Imran Khan has laid out the conditions which must be met before Pakistan will recognize the Taliban government in Imran Khan. Speaking to the BBC, the PM described the armed group's statements since coming to power in Kabul as “very encouraging.” He further said that Pakistan's decision on extending formal recognition to the Taliban government would be made alongside other neighbouring countries. “Whether to recognise them or not will be a collective decision,” he said.

The Pakistani PM has called upon the Taliban to form an inclusive government that would uphold human rights. Moreover, he has asked that Afghanistan's territory not be permitted to be used by terrorists who affect Pakistan's security situation.

On the issue of women's education, the PM is confident that the Taliban will fulfil their stated assurances. During the past week, the Taliban reopened secondary school education for only boys and male teachers. The Taliban had responded to international criticism last week by saying that such educational opportunities will bre restored for female pupils “as soon as possible.”

In this latest interview, PM Khan predicted that the Taliban will uphold their commitments:
“I think they will allow women to go to schools. The idea that women should not be educated is just not Islamic. It has nothing to do with religion.”

Expressing his view that the Taliban will soon deliver on this front, the Pakistani PM expressed his view: “The statements they have made since they came to power have been very encouraging.” Moreover, PM Khan believes that the administration established by the armed group in neighbouring Afghanistan needs more time. “It's just too early to say anything,” he emphasized.

“The whole world is keeping an eye on them as to when they will fulfill [all of] this,” the Prime Minister added. He referred to his party's experience in ruling Pakistan: “When we came to power after 22 years, it was very difficult in the beginning. You have to decide who to include, and those who gave sacrifices want to be part of the government. But I think that the Taliban also realize that if there is to be peace and stability in Afghanistan, everyone will have to be included: the Tajiks, Uzbeks and Hazaras all have to be taken on board, and only then will a stable government be formed.”

The Prime Minister expressed a stark warning over the danger of civil war if the Taliban fail to include the various ethnic and religious factions of the country. “That would mean an unstable, chaotic, Afghanistan and an ideal place for terrorists. That is a worry.”