LHC Orders Release Of PTI Leader Shireen Mazari

LHC Orders Release Of PTI Leader Shireen Mazari
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senior Vice President Dr. Shireen Mazari is about to be released after being detained several times since the May 9 riots after the Lahore High Court's Rawalpindi bench ordered her release on Monday.

The PTI leader has been ordered by the court to provide the deputy commissioner with an affidavit promising not to engage in violent acts going forward.

The bench issued its orders during the hearing of a plea challenging Mazari's imprisonment.

On May 17, the PTI leader was released from custody per the orders of the Islamabad High Court (IHC), but the following day, the Punjab Police detained her once more, this time under Section 4 of the Maintenance of Public Order.

Mazari’s daughter, Imaan Mazari, also confirmed the arrest of her mother a third time on her Twitter account, writing: "They have taken her again."

Last Monday, the IHC prohibited the arrest of Senators Falak Naz Chitrali and Mazari, both members of the same party. When the two politicians came before the judge to hear a request for release from further arrest, the court also ordered the authorities to cease any further investigation of the two lawmakers.

The judge said, "Any further investigation is not required from PTI leaders Falak Naz and Shireen Mazari."

Imaan Mazari, the politician's daughter, said during a press conference outside the LHC's Rawalpindi bench that her mother had been detained three times in the previous week.

Imaan Mazari lashed out at the government for putting families through hardship, saying that "today, the court annulled the second MPO order for my mother."

PTI Chairman Imran Khan was also blasted by the human rights lawyer Imaan Mazari for being "selfish" and neglecting his party workers and leadership at a trying time.

Imaan Mazari lamented that PTI Chairman Imran Khan had overlooked the party activists.