Hamid Mir Warns That Martial Law Still A Possibility In Pakistan

Hamid Mir Warns That Martial Law Still A Possibility In Pakistan
Journalist Hamid Mir has warned that martial law is still a very real possibility in Pakistan as it could be in the best interests of many Western superpowers.

Mir made these remarks during an appearance on a talk show on a private news channel on Friday. He said that if the country was placed under martial law again, it would be disastrous for the country. "I will strongly protest against it, if that happens," he said.

He said that journalists cannot remain neutral in such situations, nor can they try to balance democracy and dictatorship. "A journalist must be on the side of democracy, no matter how weak, dirty or corrupt that democracy is, you must stand by democracy," he said, reiterating that that is the side he will be choosing if the situation comes to it.

Mir also said that people should not think that martial laws can't be imposed in Pakistan anymore. "Even today, if martial law was to be imposed in Pakistan, all these Western superpowers who act like the flag-bearers of human rights will waste no time in seeing it as a golden opportunity for themselves," he cautioned.

"They will immediately try to get their own agendas met," he continued, "Because they believe that civillian governments can't do a lot of the things that military governments can." He explained that in a military dictatorship, you only have to talk to one person to get something done, but in a civilian government, there are many people who you must speak to.

"Anyone who still thinks that martial law is impossible is living in a fool's paradise," he said, adding that if a martial law was imposed, then history will put the blame on Imran Khan.