Such Gup

Such Gup

One from the heart

Reported as received: “Although this is my living here (in the US) and I should be happy but as a Pakistani I am feeling pain somewhere in my heart. The Pakistan embassy needed four strech limousines for the Prime Minister’s visit. The PM arrived yesterday but the Pakistan Embassy rented out these four cars from the 11th to the 25th of September and keeping in mind their poor payment record, we got the money from them up front.

“Each big stretch limo with a 24 hours driver service cost them $850 (for 24 hours per day). So they paid us almost $ 53000 for this visit of the PM to the United Nations Security Council. On the other hand the French Embassy also hired our services for two cars but they did not hire luxury strech limousines, just regular Cadillac limos and only for four days (and not for 24 hours per day) but only from 11am to 11pm for $ 300 per day.

“So I want to say that both the Heads of States were here for the same duration in New York and the Pakistan government paid us almost $ 53000 and French government paid us $ 2400. I can even post copies of the cheques if somebody is in doubt.

“Moreover, the plane of the French President landed at main terminal #5 and the plane of Pakistani PM was made to land at the cargo terminal of FedEx. What a shame!”

In PM Abbasi’s defence, he probably did not know of these expensive and wasteful expenditures, these being SOPs crafted by unctuous babus who try and ingratiate themselves with the high & mighty. We hope the PM will look into this and change these unnecessary SOPs.