Such Gup

Such Gup

Busy bees

Our mole tells us that the late lamented Big Ben’s Hubby and his Legal Eagle are busy bees, conspiring constantly to find ways and means to harass the already harried Man of Steel. We hear private jets are flying to and fro to fetch and carry the Legal Eagle from wherever he happens to be so that Hubby and he can conspire at will. They’ve got many cohorts aiding their plans, including Sheeda Tully, who’s ever ready to take the plaints they cook up to Their Lordships, so that The Man’s edifice can be whittled down.

Nuggets from “The Briefing”

Everyone knows that there was a recent briefing of a select group of journos, by You-Know-Who. Some nuggets from the briefing were leaked to us. Amongst these were You-Know-Who’s response when a journo complained of a certain officer “bothering” him. “He’s doing his job”, was the reply, meaning don’t give him cause and he won’t bother you. And another one: should Their Lordships call The Boys in to aid them, “it won’t taken 6 minutes, it’ll take only 5”.

Lotas lining up

The lotas are lining up, folks, yes they are. Many of The Man of Steel’s so-called stalwarts were prominent in their attendance of a recent reception held by Chory Shuj of Guj. We hear some are being steered in the direction of The Great Khan’s Horde, whilst others are being nudged towards the Chaudhries. Still others, and these are the so-called Electables, are being persuaded that their chances of “making it” as Independents are better than if they were party-political.