Ittefaq Nama

Ittefaq Nama
Tell the truth today, don’t you feel sorry for me? Tars naheen aata? I have lost my health, peace of mind, years of my youth, for what? To come back to this place again and again and again. My nightmare is “what if war breaks out?” Their nightmare is “what if peace breaks out?” It’s as simple as that, meray aziz humwatno. Aap please choose kar lein. You choose. You want development? Bijli, pani, education, jobs, roads, aman – yes, aman – or isolation, war, barbadi, aag kay darya – aap choose kar lein.

“Uss bewafa ka shehr hai,
Aur hum hain dosto!
Ashk-e-rawaan ki lehr hai,
Aur hum hain dosto!”

Let me tell you, meray aziz humwatno, being Prime Minister of Pakistan is no fun. I wouldn’t wish it on my worst enemy. That’s why I have said countless times to Shbaz Saab and other saathis that leave it ji, chhaddo ji. Lat the Imran take PM-ship. He will soon realize:

“Yeh ajnabi see manzilein,
Aur raftgaan ki yaad,
Tanhaiyon ka zehr hai,
Aur hum hain dosto!”

What did poor BB get, hain ji, by being Prime Minister? Shaheed Mohtarma, with whom I signed Charter of Democracy. She said we will pull out terrorism, root and branch. She said we will bring nuclear proliferators to international justice. She said we will clean up sectarian extremists. She said we will have peace with our neighbours. It is in front of you what happened to her. We all forgot her, didn’t we? Mitti pao, we said, put earth, on her supreme sacrifice.

“Aankhon mein urr rahee hai,
Lutti mehfilon ki dhool,
Ibrat sarai dehr hai,
Aur hum hain dosto!”

Lalas don’t help with their utter callousness to Kashmiris. Far God’s sake, heed their cries and don’t give excuses to warmongers and hawks. I implode – sorry, implore – you.

“Shaam-e-alam dhali,
To chali dard ki hava,
Raaton ka pichhla pehr hai,
Aur hum hain dosto!”