Diary of a Social Butterfly

Diary of a Social Butterfly
Uff, I’m so worried, so worried kay don’t even ask. It’s these bombs, baba, going off everywhere. God knows where these bloody suicide bombers are going to strike next. I wouldn’t be so scared if it was only me and Janoo because we tau have seen our shear of life but Kulchoo is only a teenager. And oopar say he’s our one and only na. If something was to happen to him …

These last few days tau I’ve felt like I’m going mad. First everyone was saying don’t go to Jalal Sons. They have received a threat. Then someone said no, it’s Liberty Market. Then someone else was saying no baba, it’s the airport. It’s Anarkali Bazaar. It’s Mall Road. It’s Lawrence Gardens. It’s this hotel. It’s that hotel. Bhai, where can you go that’s safe? Where can you go and expect to come home again? Tell! I told Kulchoo, I said baba, while these threats are coming so sick and fast, please to stay home na. But he just looked at me as if I was crack.

‘There’s always some sort of threat,’ he said. ‘I can’t spend my whole life at home.’  Janoo aslo said, we’ve got to try and live normally otherwise there’s no point in living here.

But what I want to know is: what was that whole exercise, haan that zarb-e-azb, for if the attacks are still going to come like there’s no tomorrow? Why did we say so many thank yous, if our children are still not safe? Why do we call other people enemies when our most bloodthirsty dushmans are right here in our between? Vaisay I swear, if the state was a shop, I’d go and ask them for my money back.

Some people are saying that PSL final in Lahore now won’t take place.

Some people are saying that the Lahore Litfest won’t take place. Some people are saying Fashion Week won’t take place.

At this rate, how can we be sure that tomorrow will take place?