Curative Review Petition Against Justice Isa Filed By Previous Govt May Be Withdrawn

Curative Review Petition Against Justice Isa Filed By Previous Govt May Be Withdrawn
Law Minister Azam Nazeer Tarar has suggested that the 'curative review petition' moved by his predecessor against Justice Qazi Faez Isa during the PTI government might be withdrawn soon.

He hinted at the withdrawal of the petition during a press conference on Thursday, after the inauguration of the Directorate of Legal Education at the Pakistan Bar Council (PBC) office at the Supreme Court which came after an earlier SC order pertaining to the need for raising the standard and quality of legal education in the country.

The minister told representatives of the bar that he would personally speak to Prime Minister Shehbaz Sharif about withdrawing the curative review, adding that the issue would be put on the agenda of the next cabinet meeting.

SCBA president Muhammad Ahsan Bhoon and PBC vice chairman Hafeezur Rehman Chaudhry had asked the law minister during the inauguration to remove the curative review against Justice Isa in order to ensure the independence of the judiciary is not compromised.

The law minister assured them that he would be taking the matter up with the prime minister so that the petition could be withdrawn from the Supreme Court. He also said that he would highlight the importance of the appointment of a permanent secretary law.

Bhoon and Chaudhry also asked him to ensure early fixing of the appeal that challenged the Lahore High Court's Jan 13, 2020, according to which the special court order that awarded Pervez Musharraf capital punishment for high treasonin Dec 2019 was declared illegal.

At this the law minister said that the government wanted to facilitate Musharraf's return, adding that he believed that Musharraf should return and face the courts.