Political Turncoats Set New Records As PTI Takes A Hit

Political Turncoats Set New Records As PTI Takes A Hit
The history of political turncoats can be traced back to the country's tumultuous political landscape since its inception.

The political instability often leads to politicians switching parties or leaving their fold, for one reason or the other.

The PTI, after the May 9 mayhem, took major blows within a fortnight, as nearly a three dozen prominent members of the party, notably leaders Shireen Mazari, Amin Aslam, Amir Mahmood Kiyani, Mohammad Baqi Moulvi, Sanjay Gangwani, and Kareem Bux Gabol either left PTI or are preparing to do so.

Though switching political loyalties is now a common phenomenon, the PTI is making a new record in the political history with the frequency of disloyalty of its members.

All major political parties, including PML-N and PPP have seen tough political situations in the past. Albeit many party members gave up on their parties at some point in time, but the Imran-led party has surpassed them all.

PTI insiders, desiring not to be named, revealed that many of the party members were ready to 'jump ship' even before the May 9 unrest.

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They were waiting for the announcement of polls to decide with their next 'political station'. As many as 33 PTI dissident MNAs have already made up their mind to get an electoral ticket from the ruling PML-N, or contest polls as independent candidates in the days ahead.

The upcoming general polls in the country, as predicted by the political pundits, would expose the future plans of turncoats even further.

The expected political stations of the flock of dissidents [sitting in the National Assembly] will definitely be an interesting phase in the fast-changing political scenario.

The parliamentary political parties in the country have begun to keep an eye on disgruntled electables towards the elections, to prevent a massive setback.

As the political migrations for greener pastures begin, some of the PTI members who have left the party are still shy to announce their next political station.