Kenyan Journalist Presents Blow-By-Blow Account Of Arshad Sharif Killing

Kenyan Journalist Presents Blow-By-Blow Account Of Arshad Sharif Killing
Kenyan investigative reporter Brian Obuya on Monday presented a blow-by-blow account of the killing of Pakistani journalist Arshad Sharif.

Obuya presented details, from Sharif's arrival in Kenya to developments ensuing his killing, in a series of posts on micro-blogging site Twitter.

The journalist claimed Sharif was a "wanted man". He said the Pakistani journalist was "wanted" by some "top officials" in Pakistan. Quoting "sources", he said, Sharif had been "traced" in Kenya only to be "mistakenly killed". "#ArshadSharif was a wanted man. Wanted by some "top officials" in #Pakistan . After running into exile in Dubai, Arshad would later travel to Kenya, sources saying he had been "traced there" only to be "mistakenly" killed in Kenya."

Quoting an official police report, Obuya said Sharif and his brother Khuram had failed to halt at a road blocked with small stones. Gunshots ensued after, he said. The report, Obuya said however, failed to mention who fired (at the vehicle). "Official police report now says; #ArshadSharif and his brother Khuram found the road blocked 'with small stones and they decided to pass it, it was then that they heard several gunshots." The report does not say WHO was fring the shots."

The Kenyan investigative journalist said the body of the deceased was found at a mortuary located 78 kilometres from the site of the shooting. He said Sharif's body had a couple of wounds and officials from the Pakistani embassy were present at the site. "Body of slain renowned Investigative journalist #ArshadSharif has been found at Kenya's Chiromo Mortuary, 78 Kilometres from where Police say shooting happened. Body appears to have two gunshot wounds. Pakistan Embassy officials on site."

Obuya said the vehicle carrying Sharif was shot at nine times. Four bullets hit the left side of the vehicle. Another deflated a tyre on the right, he said "Further details now show that #arshadShariff motor vehicle was shot at NINE times. FOUR of those bullets to the left side of the vehicle. One bullet deflated the right side tyre."

The fatal shot, he said, was "fired with precision through the rear mirror of the car." "The fatal shot that killed #arshadSharif was fired with precision through the rear mirror of the car, penetrated through the back of his head and exited through the front side."

Kenya's Independent Policing Oversight Authority had deployed a team to probe the incident, the investigating journalist said. The Kenya Editors' Gill, he shared in his latest update, had urged the government to ensure a quick and thorough investigation and nab perpetrators. This, the guild said, would demonstrate (Kenya's) ability to secure (lives of) citizens and visitors. "Kenya Editors Guild calls on government to "quickly and thoroughly investigate" #ArshadSharif Killing,and "bring those responsible to book." This would "demonstrate ability to protect Citizens and visitors including journalists whose rights it SHOULD protect.""

In a separate statement released the same day, Kenya police said Sharif had been shot by a policeman after the vehicle he was travelling in did not stop at a police picket. The journalist was fatally wounded consequently. Police said the "unfortunate" accident had transpired after information on a carjack had been proliferated.

Expressing "regret" over the incident, Kenya police said a probe was underway for "appropriate action". The Ag. Inspector General, on behalf of the force, sent condolences to the friends and kin of the deceased.