Pakistani Celebs Demand #JusticeForSarah After Veteran Journalist's Son Kills Wife

Pakistani Celebs Demand #JusticeForSarah After Veteran Journalist's Son Kills Wife
Pakistani twitterati of note on Saturday demanded #JusticeForSarah -- the deceased daughter-in-law of Ayaz Amir who was allegedly killed by her husband Shahnawaz on Friday in Chak Shahzad area of Islamabad.

"How long before we get any sort of justice for any woman who has been killed at the hands of rage and privilege. Another hashtag. Another long wait for justice. Justice delayed is justice denied. #JusticeForSarah," Lollywood superstar Mahira Khan tweeted.

Actor Usman Mukhtar questioned how long would it take for women to feel safe enough to leave violent marriages and situations. "Another woman brutally murdered. Another hashtag asking for justice. How long till women feel safe to leave violent situations/marriages? How long till they receive support before they're killed? How long till we stop asking what she must have done to cause this? #JusticeForSarah"

A "shell shocked" Meher Bokhari said there was an immunity with which such men operated in Pakistan. "We are all shell shocked. She couldn’t hurt a fly, let alone attacking a fully grown man. Whatever is alleged now, fact is, there is an immunity with which men operate here, to murder your wife in cold blood in her own home, can NOT should NOT go unpunished #JusticeForSarah," she tweeted.

"Sarah has no family here & it seems highly connected background of her husband is influencing many to remain silent. A young, educated, girl w a strong career murdered in her own home, without a second thought! This could be any of us or our daughters. Speak up #JusticeForSarah," the journalist said in a separate tweet.

Actor Mawra Hocane said the incident had left her "heart-broken". "While we haven’t still achieved #justicefornoor & many many others, here’s another appeal for #JusticeForSarah Heart broken, may Allah give patience to their families to deal with such gut wrenching tragedies," she tweeted.

Noted Kashmiri Leader Yasin Malik's wife Mushaal emphasised the need to normalise leaving toxic individuals. "Divorced daughter is better than Dead one. Just normalise leaving your toxic partner. Do not marry your mentally unstable vulture sons if they are not trained to behave in civil manners with women! #JusticeForSarah #Noor," she said in her tweet.

Star event manager Frieha Altaf earlier dwelled on Friday how the horrors of domestic abuse, misogyny and harassment routinely failed to merit public mention. No country for women! Another daughter-in-law another Noor. The cases that are high profile make it to #twitter trends. The 12-year-old raped/hung just get a column on page 5 & yet the horror of domestic abuse, misogynistic behaviour, harassment doesn’t stop #AyazAmir #noormukadam"