Ahmed And Anum Become First Pakistani Couple To Summit Mount Manaslu

The Lahore-based couple are the first-ever from Pakistan to have summitted an 8,000-metre tall mountain together

Ahmed And Anum Become First Pakistani Couple To Summit Mount Manaslu

A Lahore-based couple, Ahmed and Anum Uzair, became the first-ever Pakistani couple to scale the eighth tallest mountain in the world, the 8,163 metre tall Moun Manaslu, in Nepal on Sunday.

The couple were supported by a team of Nepali Sherpas, including Pasang Sherpa, Pasan Dukpa Sherpa and Pastenji Sherpa.

Alpine Club Pakistan Secretary Karrar Haidri congratulated the couple, adding that they had made history as the first Pakistani couple to summit an 8,000-metre peak together.

Shehroze Kashif, who worked with them, said, "This is truly a remarkable feat that showcases their immense passion and dedication to achieving the extraordinary."

Sirbaz Khan summits Manaslu

Earlier on Friday, Sirbaz Khan became the latest Pakistani mountaineer to summit Mount Manaslu. He completed the feat without using supplemental oxygen to sustain him at the high altitude where very little oxygen is available.

This was Sirbaz's 12th peak above 8,000 metres. Only Cho Oyu - 8,188 metres -- and Shishapangma - 8,027 metres are the mountains not currently in his collection. 

He is now tied with Shehroze Kashif in their race to become the first Pakistani to climb all 14 mountains taller than 8,000 metres.

The difference between Sirbaz and Kashif is that Sirbaz has thus far completed all his summits without the use of supplemental oxygen.

"The sheer determination and devotion of Sirbaz to climb without oxygen or porters/sherpas is amazing," said Haidri in a statement.