Thousands March Against Police Brutality In France

Paris police chief Laurent Nunez said three people had been arrested over the incident

Thousands March Against Police Brutality In France

Numerous fights broke out on the fringes of the Paris event as tens of thousands of protesters marched in France on Saturday to protest police brutality.

Just under three months had passed since a kid outside of Paris was shot dead by a police officer during a traffic stop, setting off more than a week of riots in Paris and other cities.

Don't forgive or forget, "The law kills," and other slogans were displayed on banners carried by protesters of all ages in Paris, along with a statue of justice with its eyes reddened.

The Internal Security Code's 2017 amendment, Article 435-1, which expands the ability of police enforcement to use lethal force in the case of a suspect's defiance, was the target of special criticism from the protesters.

The extreme left, notably the hard-left France Unbowed (LFI), issued the demand for the demonstrations.

The interior ministry estimated the number at 31,300 overall, including 9,000 in Paris, compared to the unions' estimate of 80,000 protesters countrywide, including 15,000 in Paris.

An AFP journalist said that when police officers became stuck in their police car after being attacked, the administration decried "unacceptable violence" on the fringes of the march in Paris.

Several thousand people were participating in the main march in Paris when hundreds of individuals wearing black hoods dispersed.

According to an AFP reporter, they shattered the windows of a bank branch and flung things at a police vehicle that was snarled in traffic.

According to Paris police, a crowbar was used to strike the police car, and it was only until the anti-riot police unit intervened that the vehicle was able to be freed.

According to the police, three cops had minor wounds.

A second video uploaded online by the BFMTV station saw a group of masked protestors chasing after the car and violently kicking it while another guy used a crowbar to break a glass.

A cop steps out with his service weapon in hand but chooses not to shoot before getting back into the car.

Interior Minister Gerald Darmanin condemned "unacceptable violence" against the police and posted on X, previously Twitter, "We see where anti-police hatred leads."

Laurent Nunez, the head of the Paris police, said three people had been detained in connection with the incident.

According to the interior ministry, three other people were taken into custody elsewhere in France.