The Escalation Of Regional Conflict And US Interests

The fact of the matter is that there has been a spate of airstrikes carried out by the Americans and Israelis against targets in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria.

The Escalation Of Regional Conflict And US Interests

I was enjoying a cup of tea in my room and surfing the internet suddenly when the news emerged on different websites and news pages that Iran carried out a series of aerial and drone strikes within Pakistan's Baluchistan province, claiming that it had targeted the Baloch separatist and Sunni militant group Jaish ul-Adl. I was taken aback at that very moment and immediately explored all the available news channels to gather more information. There were some news channels of Iran which showed this news but later on the news was not available on these pages.

All major Pakistan news channels were roaring with this news and many experts were giving rather reacting on these sudden strikes in their unusual way, but with their usual words, filled with patriotic tone and words. My Immediate action caried worries for the post strikes from Iran and how will Pakistan act against it. While discussing this issue on different platforms and on many WhatsApp groups, I urged and had wished that, instead of the same reaction, Pakistan must send the strong message through the Diplomatic Channels and then to engage with Iran to progress on the path of Peace and calm.

Pakistan did the same by freezing the current diplomatic relations with Iran and asked both the Ambassadors to return and to remain in their countries. It was Indeed a sigh of relief, but I could feel and smell the heat and anticipated the stronger reaction would take place in the form of Strikes which was looking almost evident and imminent. And after some hours Pakistan has hit Iran with what it described as “highly coordinated” military strikes, a little more than 24 hours after Iranian air strikes in Baluchistan, further raising tensions between the neighbors and sparking fears of a broader conflict.

On Thursday morning, according to a statement from its Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Pakistan conducted what it called an “intelligence-based operation” against hideouts of armed groups in the Sistan-Baluchistan province of Iran. Being a humanist and an anti-war activist, I felt sad about both action and reaction. I have believed that, when the States are unable to resolve the fundamental issues, then these conflicts and wars become their weapon to divert attention from all those issues and then to beat the drums of sentimental jingoism and which is always very unfortunate. 

The most important thing which came to my mind is the US Presence and their Stakes in the region. On the morning of January 12 2024, the United States and the United Kingdom, with support from Australia, Bahrain, Canada, and the Netherlands, launched a series of cruise missile and airstrikes against Yemen.

The assault was announced in a blaze of publicity. It was presented to the public as an isolated action in response to alleged Houthi aggression against international shipping in the Red Sea. This is false on two counts. 

The fact of the matter is that there has been a spate of airstrikes carried out by the Americans and Israelis against targets in Lebanon, Iraq and Syria – especially the last-named country – in the last few weeks. But all this was kept shrouded in secrecy. The attack on Yemen was merely the culmination of these aggressive acts. Moreover, it forms part of a pattern of aggression that has not yet reached its ultimate target.

I am more concerned in our region, as all the major stake holders will be going in the elections exercise in the current year and any escalation or tension will further bring more division amongst the regional countries which will pave the way for more US Inclusion and the exclusion of the China stakes which is already investing $400 Billion in Iran and major investments in the other parts of the region. 

The people of the region and due to a spillover effect, the entire world will ultimately pay the price and will suffer more. Consequently, all regional countries should engage on all the different channels to deescalate all the tensions and to progress on the path of peace and prosperity.

Let me quote some lines by the legendary poet, Sahir Ludhyanvi:

عالم کا خون ہے آخر

بم گھروں پر گریں کہ سرحد پر

روح تعمیر زخم کھاتی ہے

کھیت اپنے جلیں کہ اوروں کے

زیست فاقوں سے تلملاتی ہے

ٹینک آگے بڑھیں کہ پچھے ہٹیں

کوکھ دھرتی کی بانجھ ہوتی ہے

فتح کا جشن ہو کہ ہار کا سوگ

زندگی میتوں پہ روتی ہے

جنگ تو خود ہی ایک مسئلہ ہے