Immortalised Forever In Fashion

Immortalised Forever In Fashion
Tayyab Bombal is no stranger to Pakistan’s fashion industry but in fact he is so well acquainted he knows how to merge art with fashion and that too with a sustainability angle. What more could one ask from a modern designer?

Recently he showcased a collection of menswear which paid tribute to Pakistani men who contributed to and shaped Pakistan’s cultural landscape in drama, television, music, art and literature.

These icons included Jaun Elia, Jamiluddin Aali, Ibn e Insha, Saadat Hasan Manto, Ashfaq Ahmad,Abdur Rehman Chughtai, Sadequain, Zia Mohiyeddin, Anwar Maqsood, Muhammad Ali and Waheed Murad.

“I have read these writers, listened to their music, watched their films and also known about their art since childhood. They are a part of me, my world and shaped who I am today. It's my way to pay my tribute and show gratitude to them,” says Tayyab Bombal who presented his unique collection at the COAS Gala dinner during the recently held Ideas 2022 in Karachi.

Tayyab had created visions of these inspirational, artistic personalities on vibrant shawls that were draped over crisp, impeccably stitched shalwar kurta.

“Many children in the new generation has no idea about some of the great people who lived in this country. Fashion is a great medium of communication. We can easily reach out to them through it. It was my small effort to introduce them to our rich cultural heritage,” said Tayyab.

Tayyab’s merger of fashion as an industry and the arts as means of cultural heritage comes from his own experience where he was at Fashion Pakistan Lounge (FPL) as a designer and merchandiser. He also has experience of working as coordinator for various fashion schools in Karachi.

Sticking to the field of fashion, Tayyab soon understood that he needed to develop him passion for menswear but also understand that in order to make a business it had to have a healthy relationship with consumers.

Consequently he arrived on the Texas Fashion Scene with a belief that his work had to be exclusive, bespoke and high end. Fiercely opposed to fast fashion and mass market, he designs from his in Dallas.

Currently, Tayyab is a member of the Fashion Group International and will be travelling to New York to attend the organisation's events next month in December. Next spring, he is due to showcase his menswear at Austin Fashion Week which is already creating a stir.