‘34,305 Palestinians Killed In Gaza Since Oct 7’

Palestine urges the UN to investigate Israeli war crimes at Gaza Hospital.

‘34,305 Palestinians Killed In Gaza Since Oct 7’

At least 34,305 Palestinians have been killed and 77,293 wounded in Israel's military offensive on Gaza since October 7, the Gaza health ministry said in a statement on Thursday.

A Palestinian civil defense team said on Thursday that when Israeli forces left the facility, almost 400 dead were found in mass graves, and they urged that the UN look into war crimes at a hospital in Gaza. 

The civil defense forces stated at a news conference that "there are cases of field execution of some patients at the Nasser Medical Complex while undergoing surgeries and wearing surgical gowns." 

Additionally, bodies were reportedly discovered at the northern Gazan Al Shifa Hospital, which was the focus of an Israeli special forces assault. 

Chief Prosecutor Karim Khan has said that "those who are in breach of the law will be held accountable" and that his staff is "actively investigating any crimes allegedly committed" in Gaza.