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Justice Najafi’s report


Finally, the cat is out of the bag in the form of the “Justice Najafi Report” on the unfortunate incident of Model Town, Lahore, where 14 innocent people were subjected to state-sponsored brutality on the pretext of removing encroachments in front of Minhaj ul Quran.

The report was kept secret for more than three years by the government of Punjab, citing reason(s) that publication would disturb the sectarian  harmony of the country. Now that the report is public, one doesn’t find any such remarks or findings which could be said to create a law and order situation on the grounds of religious differences.

The report is simply a replay and verification of the electronic media’s live coverage of that dreadful day in June 2014, validating the stance of the media and of Minhaj ul Quran that not a single shot was fired from the protestors. And that it was just the brutality of the Punjab police which ended in the deaths and injuries.

In any civilized and democratic country, heads would have rolled upon the outcome of such a commission’s findings but we do not see any signs of remorse on the faces of those in authority in the provincial government.

Thank God, the Najafi report has not been declared a conspiracy of the intelligence agencies or the army.

As the report is indirectly silent on affixing responsibility on any one individual or group this has been left to the readers. It is crystal clear from its contents who and why they would issue orders to shoot at the followers of Dr Tahir ul Qadri. It will make people in authority taller in the eyes of the citizens of this country if the culprits are brought before the courts of justice and face punishment as per the law of the country.

Aamir Aqil,


Abuse in court


Recently, I happened to visit the court of an Additional District Judge (ADJ) and witness a court hearing. The case which was filed against a person by a poor woman who turned out to be a lawyer of the high court (but wasn’t her counsel) for ripping her off had been filed. It was a substantial amount of  money taken through deception for illicit purposes and she had pleaded that an FIR be ordered to be registered against him for his alleged criminal act. During the hearing both the complainant and the accused were present. What made me write this note is the most disgusting show of unchecked foul language hurled by the lawyer at the woman right under the nose of the ADJ!

The woman stayed put throughout the hearing and finally was told to refer to the bar council.

The point is that she was stripped of her money by a person who was not her counsel and therefore there was no forum except the bar council with jurisdiction. The lawyer behaved against the decorum of the court and his language was an insult to the judge who should have stopped him and started contempt of court proceedings against him for his ghastly outburst.

Will the champions of law and justice step forth and take action against the lawyer and the judge who are a stigma on the face of the judiciary?

Mazhar Butt,


Ban on hunting


According to a recent report, the government of Balochistan has put a ban on hunting certain animals and birds in the province. It said that Arabs and other foreign nationals who come here for hunting should not be given licences. I really appreciate this initiative because it saves our endangered species.

Mujahid Zahid,


Attack on church


Those who attacked peaceful, unarmed Pakistani Christians praying in a church in Quetta have violated our religion’s teachings. Merely labeling a state Islamic does not make it one. The Medinah welfare state concept offers justice and equality for all citizens with freedom to exercise their beliefs.

It is inconceivable for a Muslim who believes in Prophet Muhammed (PBUH) as the final holy messenger of Almighty Allah to attack Christians or their churches. Prophet Muhammad (PBUH) signed a treaty with the Christians of Najran, a city located about 600km away in the year 631 and this testament exists even today in the monastery of Catherine and bears witness to the importance of interfaith harmony in this welfare state concept.

The treaty forbids any Muslim from betraying or violating this treaty and protecting Christians and their places of worship. “Because the religion that Allah (swt) imposed, and the pact whom it made, makes protection obligatory. That which will not observe this pact, will violate its sacred duties, and that which violates its sacred duties does not have fidelity and will be disavowed by Allah and all the sincere Believers.”

Islam is a religion of peace and there is no place in it for those who resort in violence, abuse and the humiliation of others. Those who resort to violence in the name of religion are guilty of distorting the holy message. Detestable videos of the recent Faizabad dharna show the self-assumed guardians of this faith mercilessly beating a uniformed policeman with batons and kicks, yet these criminals have been allowed to get away scott free. Such people do no service to Islam and serve only those who paint this religion of peace with negativity.

Malik Tariq Ali,


Banking system


In Turbat we do not have a well-organised banking system and the behaviour of the staff at the existing establishments is rather poor. The staff is conceited and treats customers, whose very money they are handling, in an overbearing manner. I recently visited ABL bank where customers had gathered. At first I could not understand why so many people had been gathered there. When I asked one person, they said that they had to stand there for hours to get simple work done. I also spent two hours there for something that should have taken just five minutes, and indeed perhaps would have taken even less in a big city like Karachi.

Hence, I request the banking authorities to look into the way banks conduct their business, not just the financial regulation, but customer care as well. Surely customers have rights and should be treated well when they go to get service.

Ibrahim Majeed,


Maryam to reach Assembly


It would be interesting for readers to know the legal status of Mrs Kulsoom Nawaz as far as the NA-120 election is concerned. She won it but could not be allowed to sit or vote in the assembly due to Article 65 of our Constitution. She has to take oath before doing so. I personally think that she may not be able to take oath during the remaining term of the assembly due to her illness and Ms. Maryam Nawaz is likely to contest the upcoming general election from her mother’s seat to reach the National Assembly and hopefully become a federal minister.

Khalid Mustafa,