'Arrogance Is Abhorred By Almighty': Justice Isa Objects To Upcoming JCP Meeting

'Arrogance Is Abhorred By Almighty': Justice Isa Objects To Upcoming JCP Meeting
Justice Qazi Faez Isa has penned a letter objecting to an upcoming meeting being held in his absence by the Judicial Commission of Pakistan (JCP) to discuss Chief Justice of Pakistan Umar Ata Bandial's five nominees for the appointment of Supreme Court judges.

The meeting will discuss the appointment of five new Supreme Court judges, and is scheduled to take place on July 28. However Justice Isa will not be able to attend it as he is currently in Spain.

In a letter to the JCP chairperson and members, he requested that “the JCP meeting should be postponed. Instead, let us first meet to consider how to proceed further in the matter. And, if chief justices and senior puisne judges of the High Courts are to be bypassed then to first develop for consideration of the JCP criteria for nominees since the then senior most judge failed to accomplish the task assigned to him," according to The Express Tribune.

He also said that before writing the letter, he sent a note to the CJ, asking him not to act arbitrarily, and not to let his 'ego and arrogance' get in the way, but the lack of response compelled him to write a letter to the rest of the members also.

He accused the chief justice of 'rushing through' a matter that required patience and careful consideration, and said that he was being expected to examine 2,347 pages in just a week.

He also said that after a delay in providing him with said documents, the CJ still did not courier the documents to the Pakistani Embassy in Madrid, despite him informing them that his phone's storage was unable to store such a large file.

Urging the postponement of the meeting, he said “The CJ did not schedule meetings when the vacancies in the SC occurred but all of a sudden wants to make appointments to the SC hurriedly."

It should be noted that Justice Isa penned a similar letter last month, when another meeting was being scheduled, in which he asked if he was being side-lined from the judicial appointment process.