Such Gup

Such Gup

The fault, dear Brutus …

We hear The Great Khan is in high dudgeon these days. Our mole in Bunny Gala informs us that he recently summoned the imported Guv of the bank of the state and gave him a hefty dressing down. He blamed him for many of the economy’s disasters, the rupee’s slide, and what have you. The Guv was most crestfallen, we hear, especially since he has been a Youthia of long standing. His friends have advised him to pack his bags and book his return to the I Am Effed.

It’s interesting that The Great Khan takes no responsibility for any of his government’s disasters. We’d like to remind him of what Cassius, a Roman aristocrat, said to Brutus in Shakespeare’s play “Julius Caesar”, “The fault, dear Brutus, is not in our stars/But in ourselves …”

Elephant in the room

With The Great Khan’s cabinet members breaking ranks and voicing their dissent, most in private and one or two in public, it bears asking why they are doing so. There is frustration galore but when they articulate their anxiety, they are careful not to mention the elephant in the room. This is of course, the lack of competent leadership right at the top. As The Great Khan was fond of saying when in opposition, “The fish rots from the head down”.

Contrary to the belief of the conspiracy theorists, who think the outspoken minister was put up to it, we believe he went public about the government’s incompetence because he has been discriminated against in his constituency. Access to development funds and organs of the state in the shape of the district administration and the police, are the very lifeblood of constituency politics. Deprived of this oxygen, any parliamentarian, especially from the ruling party, would be driven to distraction. And so it happened. Einstein has propounded his famous theory of relativity. It’s all related to denial of constituency rights.