Imran Khan's Long March May Lead To Bloodbath: Vawda

Imran Khan's Long March May Lead To Bloodbath: Vawda
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Faisal Vawda said on Wednesday that Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chairman Imran Khan's long march may result in a bloodbath.

Vawda said he feared those who had killed Arshad Sharif had also conspired to execute this.

He said the conspiracy to kill Arshad had been hatched in Pakistan. This, Vawda said, had been executed in a planned fashion.

The PTI leader said Arshad had either been killed at point blank range. "Nobody else was hurt," he said.

Vawda said all trace of the killing had been erased. "Neither Arshad's mobile phone nor his laptop will be ever recovered," he said. The PTI leader said Arshad had travelled to Kenya at the behest of those who wanted to see Pakistan dismembered.

He also said that "conspirators" blackmailed and threatened Arshad to leave Pakistan, so he went to Dubai.

Vawda added, "it was claimed that either the establishment or some unknown institutions pressurised him and asked him to leave Dubai, but this information is false. I will give you details of it later."

Vawda claimed that an individual was "conspiring" against the slain journalist and he has informed PTI Chairman Imran Khan about this "conspirator".

"Arshad was an honest person, but the conspiracy that he was informed about had another conspiracy behind it", the PTI leader said.

Vawda added that a common man could not send Arshad to Kenya from Dubai. "Those are the people who wish to see instability and chaos in the country. This wasn't a plain death. It was a cold-blooded murder," he reiterated.

The PTI leader also said that the players behind the "conspiracy" were in Pakistan, adding that Sharif had a positive relationship with the establishment — "and I was a part of these conversations."

He said there was no threat to Arshad's life in Pakistan.

Vawda asserted that neither the establishment nor any politician was involved in Arshad Sharif's murder. He stressed that the current establishment would be “very foolish if it would have planned something.”