Two 'Uniformed Men' Orchestrated Arshad Sharif Killing: Swati

Two 'Uniformed Men' Orchestrated Arshad Sharif Killing: Swati
Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Senator Azam Swati said on Wednesday that he will unveil who orchestrated journalist Arshad Sharif's Sunday Kenya killing.

The PTI senator made the remarks while speaking to journalists. He said he will name the two individuals post Sharif's burial. He said he had been urging party leadership to do the same.

Swati said the mere mention of the duo sent shockwaves through Parliament. He said the world had been left appalled over how a sitting senator (himself) had been nabbed. Swati said he had "died" when he was stripped. The PTI senator said he had only lived to unveil the two.

He said the Parliament should be dissolved since it was incapable of even handing out a single production order. This, he said was needed given how PTI chairman Imran Khan was set to embark on his long march to Islamabad.

He said the Parliament was unable to do so since its members were lorded over by "those who had compromising material" on them. Swati said the Constitution must be reduced to ashes since these individuals were above the document too.

Swati vowed to reveal the two uniformed men had been holding the State hostage. He said he had made President Arif Alvi cognisant of the same. Swati pledged to reveal their identities come what may.

Swati said he was ready to render the ultimate sacrifice and embrace martyrdom. "I have told my kin the same," he said.