UK Official Says Working With Police To Ban Hooliganism At Nawaz' Avenfield Residence

UK Official Says Working With Police To Ban Hooliganism At Nawaz' Avenfield Residence
A UK official on Thursday warned against hooliganism outside the Avenfield residence of PML-N supremo Nawaz Sharif, saying he is "watching" the political activity from now onwards.

Paul Fisher – Labour Party's councillor – made the remarks while speaking to the party's supporters and reporters outside the famed apartments.

"This has to stop. This street is not here fundamentally for or against Mr. Sharif; it is a place where people live."

Making it clear that Nawaz was "not the cause of it", he assured he was working with the police to get the protests and shouting at the flats banned.

When asked if the law prohibited the gatherings, he said, "What you certainly can't do is hurl abuses at properties and residents; you can't make residents feel harassed".

"When you've large crams of people gathering, residents can be intimidated," the councillor maintained.

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He was then asked why the consulate or the authorities do not ban all sorts of protests there. Fisher said, "It's something that I want to achieve [in] longer term; I don't want anyone on this street shouting at this building".

"If people are to protest, there are many places in London to do that," he said, before laughingly adding, "This is not the Pakistani parliament."

In November last year, purported footage of the former prime minister's London neighbours confronting Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) supporters over unrelenting demonstrations at Avenfield House emerged on social media.

A couple could be seen confronting the party's supporters as they congregated outside the building to demonstrate, as per a report.

The woman could be heard telling off the individuals when an apparent PTI supporter said, “No, you should not be bothered.”

Clearly in distress, she went on to continue. “This is our doorstop. There are children being raised here. And you guys are screaming eat sh*t in front of here on a Sunday when it's our only day to relax. Its not fair. We are paying so much money to live in a good neighbourhood.”