Where Women Get Together For A Purpose

Where Women Get Together For A Purpose
Tara Dawood, who spearheads LADIESFUND as President, has been a strong advocate of uplifting women, and of women’s economic empowerment. Her annual event post-Eid is always a pleasure to look forward to as the women’s best social and intellectual lot is present to discuss the real issues, and challenges faced by the business and corporate sectors led by young women entrepreneurs.

It was no different this year – with 75 diverse, dynamic women, all decked in Eid outfits, with the purpose of social networking and celebration of the holiday that ended the month of fasting. Women were encouraged to meet with friends and introduce themselves along with their entrepreneurial ventures to with the need to bring business collaborations to the table. The idea behind this networking session is to support other women in their professional development and career advancement. Sharing knowledge, and experiences, and providing guidance can be invaluable in helping women navigate the challenges they may face in the workplace.

While the who’s who of the industry leaders were present, we were able to spot Ameena Saiyid, Khursheed Hyder, Maha Sheikh, Madiha Rehman, Sana Sultan, among many others. The event also featured fashion design students from Asian Institute of Fashion Design (AIFD) and television personalities from Hum Network and Masala TV.

The event was also graced by the German Deputy Head of Mission, Andreas Wegner, who joined in wearing a striking shalwar kameez, indulging in meaningful conversation about the importance of communications, public relations, and responsible press. Each guest brought their personal favourite ethnic Eid dish, creating a delicious culinary potpourri of cuisines across Memon, Punjabi, Bohri, Sindhi, Pashto, Hyderabadi, etc. there were several guests from the Parsi and Christian communities as well, who brought their own holiday dishes. As gracious as Tara always is, and as inviting as the venue The Buraq Centre always is, the event is always a pleasure to attend.

It is important to note that The Buraq Centre, nestled in the main financial hub of II Chundrigar, is Pakistan’s first all-female incubation centre and co-working space. What really sets this not ‘’yet another networking exercise” apart is the fact that women can support other women in starting and growing their businesses by providing mentorship, financial resources, and networking opportunities. This can involve investing in women-led ventures, supporting women's business networks and associations, and providing access to markets and supply chains. By networking with the right people for the right purpose over delicious tea, it serves the larger purpose of women building and enabling each other.

This event is also an opportunity for us to inspire other women by celebrating their achievements, recognising their contributions, and fostering a collaborative spirit. Creating supportive networks and communities that encourage collaboration, knowledge sharing, and mutual support can enhance women's confidence and opportunities for economic advancement, a much-needed resolution that LADIESFUND stands strong for.

Supporting the economic empowerment of women is not limited to women alone, as TU Dawood’s efforts clearly reflect. It requires collective and collaborative efforts from individuals, the corporate sector, non-governmental organisations, public institutions, and society as a whole. By working together, we can create a more equitable and inclusive world for women to thrive economically.