Slain Journalist's Mother Seeks Justice Amidst Threats

Accuses sitting MNA's son of plotting Nasrullah Gadhani's murder as police frustrates attempts to lodge FIR

Slain Journalist's Mother Seeks Justice Amidst Threats

The mother of slain journalist Nasrullah Gadhani, who died during treatment in Karachi last week after suffering critical injuries in an ambush near Mirpur Mathelo, attempted to lodge a formal complaint for her son's murder, only to be frustrated by the police and face threats.

"People have threatened me that if my elder son becomes a complainant in the case, he will meet the same fate as Nasrullah, so I have decided to lodge the FIR," she said.

Accompanied by around a dozen villagers, Gadhani's mother went to the police station in Mirpur Mathelo on Sunday to register a murder case.

However, her efforts were in vain as the station house officer failed to show up at the station the entire day, and Gadhani's mother had to return home without lodging the FIR.

"I will follow in the footsteps of Mai Jindho," she vowed. Mai Jindho was a lady from the Tando Bahawal area of Sindh who got justice for her sons, who were killed by ex-army officers in 1992.

The Gadhani family are accusing influential local politicians hailing from the Lund family of being responsible for last week's fatal attack. Nasrullah's mother claimed that two years ago, Shahbaz Lund, the son of incumbent MNA Khalid Lund, had a dispute with her son, but she was unaware of who ultimately took his life.

Meanwhile, a video of Nasrullah Gadhani is circulating on social media in which he accuses Khalid Lund's son of plotting a fatal assault against him.

Separately, journalists and members of civil society held protests in Karachi, demanding justice for Gadhani.

The author is a practicing lawyer and freelance journalist. His areas of interest are cultural diversity and socio-political issues of Sindh.