I really don’t understand why Trump has conceded. He could have continued to brazen it out with the help of Mark Milley, Chairman Joint Chiefs of Staff. Trump has let us all down – all his dictator friends. MBS, me, Putin, me, MBZ, me, Sisi, me, and all the international embarrassments. Netanyahu, me, Boris, me, Modi, me. Let me tell you, none of us is looking forward to Joe Biden being President. How awful. America will be run by a man (and woman, horror of horrors) handpicked by more than 80 million Americans to execute their nefarious plan for a more open, democratic, responsible and responsive government. It was a huge conspiracy in which a record number of Americans turned out to vote, all 80 million plus united by one wicked, despicable and hateful treachery – dump Trump.

This has confirmed my worst fears, that America is now in danger of being led by right-thinking, non-criminal, inclusive and fiscally responsible people. Even worse is the prospect that Joe Biden’s government will go back into the Paris Climate Change talks and actually try and halt the wonderful cataclysm that was unfolding on Trump’s watch. Biden will also resume the dialogue with Iran that President Obama initiated, taking away my potential role as a mediator between MBS and the Ayatollahs.

But the greatest tragedy of all is how the Biden-Harris presidency may impact Pakistan. For one, the State Department, consigned to the dustbin by Trump where it rightfully belonged, packed as it is with bleeding-heart liberals, will come to life again. They’ll start asking inconvenient questions about political prisoners etc. Also, our direct dial to the White House via Jared Kushner is over. How we will miss Trump’s total disregard for human rights and press freedom. It might, woe is me, be back on the agenda with the Degenerate Duo of Biden and Harris in the driving seat.

Wait! I have an idea. Let me ask Jared to apply for the post of son-in-law to Joe Biden. Wouldn’t that be wonderful? We could set up our direct dial again.

Im the Dim