"Instead of focusing on the crime, an order was issued to ban the recording and circulation of videos of officials committing crimes. Will this order be rescinded and the actual crime be punished?"


Fishing communities


Fishery and the fishing industry play a significant role in the national economy. The industry makes a major contribution to our economy as an earner of foreign exchange. Imports of fish are negligible, while the value of exports of fishery products is about USD 196 million every year. The irony is that the federal and Sindh governments don’t have a policy for uplifting fishing communities. The coastal area of Karachi, stretching over 1,200 km – from Mubarak Village to Lath Bashti – with an estimated population of 1.5 million is suffering due to the government’s apathy, as no development projects to mitigate the problems of the area’s people are being carried out.

Most of these villages don’t have proper drinking water and also lack sanitation and drainage facilities. Water tankers are the only means of catering to the needs of the people. Most villages do not have electricity and jetty facilities, while roads and infrastructure in these areas are in dilapidated conditions. Health facilities are not satisfactory in the areas and hundreds of women and children have died due to lack of health facilities.

Haroon Zafar,


Tourism spots


Although the PML-N was ruling since 1984, their governance agenda was primarily focused on developing infrastructure. The Sharif brothers ruled the Punjab and the country for a very long time. Similarly, the PPP has been in power and ruling Sindh for many decades. Both parties have failed to develop tourism spots in Pakistan. Many tourist spots still need basic facilities. Littering is also becoming a huge issue in our hilly areas. The current government should pay attention to tourism and littering.

Shafqat Ali,


Baloch talent


There are scores of talented artists to be found in Balochistan, such as Sarfaraz, Waqar Baloch and Hafeez Lal. Unfortunately, such artists are often ignored by the Pakistan government and film producers. Baloch actors can perform just as well as any other actor in Pakistan. Neglecting such talent is causing resentment among young Baloch men and women who would like to join film and theatre.

Baloch actors have been part of many important films such as Zarab, Kaaresth, Balochistan Hotel and others. They impressed the whole world with their amazing acting. So, when we know we have good actors in Balochistan, why do we ignore them?

It is my request to the government of Pakistan to support Balochistan actors and offer good platforms to them so that they can showcase their skills and talents.

Dostain Muhammad Bakhsh,


Mobile ban


Crimes in Pakistan are covered up to hide gross incompetence. We are now hearing about the order of banning the use of mobile phones by police within police stations. The rationale given in the order is laughable at best and a blatant admission of lack of ability.

The simple facts are these — the crime was committed; citizens were illegally tortured. The proof in the form of video was made available.

Now, instead of focusing on the crime, an order was issued to ban the recording and circulation of videos of officials committing crimes. Will this order be rescinded and the actual crime be punished?

We all know the answer to that. We can surely expect the next order to be that anyone recording any police official anywhere will be charged and be treated as a criminal.

Akbar Hussain,


Transport policy


One has to see to believe the number of private vehicles stranded bumper to bumper across Peshawar Road near Westridge, Rawalpindi, picking up and dropping school kids at opening and closing times of schools situated there.

The same is the case with the main GT Road near Sohaan Bridge, which is always jam-packed with traffic because these vehicles are numbering in the hundreds, especially the private cars which are there at the scale of one car per child!

It literally takes half an hour or so to cross these two points, which can be dangerous if there is an emergency. For example, how does an ambulance go through this mess? Why can’t we have school buses like most developed countries and each bus can replace at least 50 cars, thus eliminating the congestion on the roads?

Riaz Khan,


Supporting PIA


I am a huge supporter of buying Pakistani products. The Karachi-Toronto direct flight started in March 2006. I travelled in the first-ever flight from Karachi to Toronto and the experienced was unmatched as Pakistan International Airlines was the first airline in the world to get a Boeing 777 ER for a non-stop 14 hour flight.

Since then it was a regular for our family to travel in PIA. But just last month, we had the worst experience. We travelled to Toronto and came back on two flights. We were not given a single blanket and pillow for the long flight and it was highly uncomfortable. If you check other airlines, even on a short distance, a pillow and a blanket are already on the seat for your use. The food choice was given as chicken and mutton. Our kids don’t eat mutton but they said chicken was finished.

Regarding entertainment, the screen only displayed flight details not the usual Pakistan dramas, movies or Quran recitals. Now my kids are saying that we will never fly PIA.

Now tell me, how can we support our national airline if these basic facilities are not provided?

Muhammed Arif,


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