Such Gup

Such Gup

High spirits

After the recent fracas at the hands of an over-zealous NABber official, our former premier SKA is in high spirits, despite the fact that he has been sent to jail on a charge that seems farcical. We hear the concerned official had an axe to grind, given that he was affiliated with SKA’s rivals in his home constituency of Murree. Surely, officials with personal agendas ought not to be on any case, let alone one involving a former premier. SKA was visited recently by friends and family who inform us that he is in good shape, has asked for a number of books to read, a pair of dumbbells and a floor mat on which to do his regular exercises.

Any scrap from the table

A famous party hopper who was a Law unto himself during the term of the late lamented Big Ben’s Hubby, jumped ship and joined The Great Khan’s horde not long ago. Last year, freshly selected, The Great Khan refused to let the Law Unto Himself have a berth in his cabinet, on account of some unsettled scores. Once settled, the Law feels he now needs a seat at the table. And he has made it clear that he will settle for whatever scraps there may be on offer, in any ministry. Meanwhile, we hear The Boyz are asking not just for a Punjabi head but also a Pakhtun one, whereupon The Great Khan has threatened to call it quits himself if they persist in their “request”.

Body language

Our mole was at a recent high profile wedding in Isloo. The host is a well-connected member of The Great Khan’s team. All sorts of VIPs were in attendance, in civvies and in khaki. The same gent hosted another wedding in the family, soon after Selection 2018. Our mole says the difference in the body language had to be seen to be believed. Then, everyone was strutting around, all puffed up. Now, beaten and bruised, all were on the defensive.