Year After Mahsa Amini, Another Irani Girl Dies From Alleged Moral Police Action

The teenager had been in a coma ever since the disputed incident and was declared 'brain dead' last week

Year After Mahsa Amini, Another Irani Girl Dies From Alleged Moral Police Action

Armita Garawand, a 17-year-old high school student who went into a coma after a disputed interaction with Iranian moral police nearly a month ago, has died.

Garawand, an ethnic Kurd, had been hospitalised at the Fajr Hospital in Tehran nearly a month ago when she went into a coma while boarding a metro train to go to school.

Footage from security cameras in the Metro Station showed the teenager boarding the train and almost immediately being dragged out onto the platform after falling unconscious.

There were some claims that there was aggression from the moral police. However, Iranian authorities denied any "physical or verbal altercations", adding that the girl suffered a sudden drop in blood pressure that led to critical condition.

Witnesses claim that Garawand was not wearing a veil and that as she boarded the women-only carriage, she ran into an official of the moral police. What happened next is not clear, but what is known is that she fell unconscious and was carried off the carriage and onto the platform while medical services were called.

She remained in a coma in hospital but was declared 'brain dead' a week ago by doctors. She passed away on Saturday. It was unclear whether doctors had pulled the plug on life support, which was artificially keeping her body alive or whether she passed after her body stopped responding.

Garawand's death comes a little over a year after the death of young Iranian Kurd Mahsa Amini after being arrested by Iranian moral police for violating Iran's state-mandated dress code for women.

Her death sparked mass protests across Iran and challenged Iran's powerful clergy and government.

During the protests and demonstrations that swept the country, several hundred people were killed, including dozens of security forces, and thousands were arrested.

Iran hanged seven people for links with the riots.