Celebrates World Travel Day With Exciting Photo Competition

The competition winner will receive a cash prize along with a cozy travel pillow and customised cup featuring their winning photo Celebrates World Travel Day With Exciting Photo Competition

Press Release, the leading online travel portal, is thrilled to join the global celebration of World Travel Day on September 27, 2023. At Sastaticket, we share a profound passion for travel, and we're excited to mark this special occasion in a unique and engaging way.

To commemorate World Travel Day, we've organized an entertaining online activity that showcases our team's enthusiasm for exploration. We've invited our team members to participate in a captivating photo competition that promises excitement and friendly competition.

Here's a glimpse of what this thrilling activity entails:

●       Photo Competition: Our team members have risen to the challenge by submitting their most captivating travel photos. The competition is fierce, with everyone vying for the top spot. The photo with the most likes will be crowned the winner, while the second-most liked picture will earn the prestigious title of runner-up.

●       Timeline: To keep the excitement flowing, we've set a timeline for each stage of this activity, ensuring that participants and supporters can follow the journey closely.

●       Prizes Galore: At Sastaticket, we believe in rewarding creativity and enthusiasm. That's why we've lined up some incredible prizes for our winners. The champion of our photo competition will receive a cozy travel pillow to enhance their future adventures, a customized cup featuring their winning photo, and a cash prize. Meanwhile, our talented runner-up won't be left empty-handed; they too will receive a travel pillow for their comfort during their travels and a personalized cup proudly displaying their winning photo.

World Travel Day is a time to celebrate the spirit of exploration and adventure that unites us all. At, we're dedicated to making travel accessible, enjoyable, and memorable for everyone. Join us in this delightful celebration as we honor the joy of travel and creativity through our exciting photo competition.

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