Such Gup

Such Gup

Officer & gentleman

A former officer and gentleman took his own life recently, citing impending humiliation at the hand of NABbers. He was under investigation for the time he served in the Capital’s land development body and for alleged abuse of power in the restoration of a plot of land, if you please. This in a country where miles of real estate are doled out for services rendered, no questions asked.

Sources say that a few days before, he had gone to the inquisitors’ forum to visit friends similarly accused, at one of their hearings. He saw policemen bringing them in, handcuffed. These were formerly high officials and the officer saw the way a policeman tugged at the handcuff chain and made the accused wince. We hear he turned to a friend and told him that he would not be able to take this sort of humiliation, if he were made the object of it.

The night before his suicide, we hear he called a friend, formerly a judge, and told him about this incident in court. Apparently, he repeated that he would rather die than be humiliated in that manner. The next day, he took his life, leaving a suicide note, asking the highest court to conduct a fair enquiry.

Storm in a teacup

While Britain gears up for the gathering Brexit hurricane, another storm in a teacup appears to be brewing in the Royal Family. Rumours has it that in true desi fashion there is little love lost between the two sisters-in-law. Last week a tantalizing tit bit was leaked to a British tabloid about how the jethani was expelling a certain aristocratic couple from their social set. Apparently the jethani takes a dim view of her husband’s friendship with the neighbour’s luscious ex-model wife. Few among the royal pair’s close circle would dare talk to the press. So who then was the culprit? Could it be a certain brash new devrani?