Bilawal Urges PM Shehbaz To Initiate Proceedings Against Violators Of Constitution

Bilawal Urges PM Shehbaz To Initiate Proceedings Against Violators Of Constitution
Chairman PPP and Foreign Minister Bilawal Bhutto on Wednesday asked the National Assembly Speaker to initiate proceedings against those who prevented a no-trust vote against Imran Khan in April, 2022.

On April 3, 2022, President Arif Alvi dissolved the National Assembly on the advice of then Prime Minister Imran Khan, hours after then NA Deputy Speaker Qasim Suri declared the no-trust move unconstitutional and prorogued the house without a voting.

"The opposition had been brainstorming different ways to deal with the crisis," Bilawal recalled. "We had decided that we would not take any unconstitutional step, and so we came up with the no-trust vote."

But as that was happening, they violated the Constitution in response to a democratic step, he said and added that then Speaker, premier, and the incumbent president violated the Constitution.

"Mr. Prime Minister, if the Constitution and law were violated, you must file a case," said the PPP chief.

'Unbridled powers'

According to Bilawal, the passage of the bill has brought the unbridled powers of the CJP's office, to an end.

He asked if the decisions concerning the law and Constitution can be based on the wishes of one man.

Economic turmoil

The PPP chief lashed out at the PTI chief, blaming him for the current economic turmoil in the country.

“This incapable prime minister pushed the country's economy to the brink. He is also forgave terrorists and created a security crisis that we are today paying the price for."

The legislation

The speech came as the NA passed a bill that seeks to curtail the powers of the CJP to take a suo motu notice in an individual capacity.

The bill, a copy of which is available with The Friday Times, suggests that, “every cause, appeal or matter before the Supreme Court shall be heard and disposed of by a bench constituted by the Committee comprising the Chief Justice of Pakistan and two senior most judges, in order of seniority.”