Faiz Orchestrated Robbery At My House, Bajwa Apologised: Akram Sheikh Tells Azaz Syed

Faiz Orchestrated Robbery At My House, Bajwa Apologised: Akram Sheikh Tells Azaz Syed
Akram Sheikh –  a lawyer with the Supreme Court of Pakistan – has revealed that the 2019 burglary at his house was orchestrated by Lt Gen (retd) Faiz Hameed and it was aimed at stealing sensitive documents.

According to Sheikh, he had gathered those documents to write a book about Gen (retd) Parvez Mushrraf.

Investigative journalist Azaz Syed said that Sheikh detailed the theft to him in a meeting at Parliament House today, on his podcast with Umar Cheema.

Syed added that the senior lawyer had pointed out at the time of the incident as well that the 'robbery' had been orchestrated by an intelligence agency. An FIR of the theft was also filed at the time.

He quoted Sheikh as saying that he was writing a book about the high treason case against Gen (retd) Pervez Musharraf at the time.

Sheikh maintains that the break-in was carried out to steal those files and the documents, Syed added.

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"They were the thieves of the material gathered [for the book] and it was supervised by then ISI chief Lt Gen (retd) Faiz Hameed," he quoted the senior lawyer as saying.

"When I asked him how he was so certain about it, he said it was because he knew about the sensitivity of the documents. He also said that Gen (retd) Bajwa apologised to him several times about it."

"I am embarrassed that this incident happened to you with I serving as the country's army chief," Akram quotes the former COAS, according to Syed.

Speaking on the occasion, Cheema recalled that the SC lawyer's life was under threat ever since he took up Musharraf's case, and he had to move to Islamabad from Lahore.

The journalist hoped that he Sheikh may now think about completing the 'project' of his in the days to come.