Imran Khan Announces Long March To Islamabad Next Month

Imran Khan Announces Long March To Islamabad Next Month
In a video statement on Saturday, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaaf (PTI) chairman and deposed prime minister Imran Khan has announced that his party would begin the long march to Islamabad in the last week of May.

Without giving an exact date for when the march will commence, Khan said the decision was taken during a meeting of PTI's core committee.

In a video statement, Khan said, "We will be giving this call to all Pakistanis, not just PTI supporters, as Pakistan has been insulted after the country's most corrupt people were imposed on us by a foreign power."

He said that the preparations for the march would begin on the eve of Eid-ul-Fitr, and encouraged the youth to come out on the streets with PTI flags in their hands.


Khan said he believed that a sea of people will storm Islamabad and give a clear message to the people: "From now on, no one from abroad can impose a corrupt government on us. Pakistani people will decide Pakistan's fate."

The former PM was ousted from power on April 10 through a motion of no-confidence against him, where he lost by 174 votes. This made him the first Pakistani prime minister to be successfully voted out of office.

He had alleged there was a 'foreign conspiracy' to get him removed from government, backed by the US, an allegation denied by both the US as well as security agencies within the country.

In the video statement released today, the PTI chairperson said "The person who has become the prime minister is dubbed as the crime minister. His [family] has cases worth Rs40 billion pending in the FIA and NAB."

He also said that it was an 'insult' to Pakistan, to bring such corrupt people into power.