Gender Equality: A Pre-Requisite For A Balanced Society

"Both male and female genders are equal participants and intersex and transgender people have completed the gender triangle."

Gender Equality: A Pre-Requisite For A Balanced Society

Gender equality is such a beautiful term for neutrality—to keep pace and maintain balance in the realm of bounty in nature. Equality itself accompanies a huge amount of clarity, but when it comes to gender, it covers the whole volume of respect and regard for all three genders. Each gender contributes equally and firmly to the beauty and balance of this world.

Gender is specified in terms of its versatility and uniqueness. Both male and female genders are equal participants, and intersex and transgender people have completed the gender triangle. When it comes to both males and females, this is not limited to a specific relationship, confined to house boundaries, or committed to workplaces only. It is applicable to all fields of life, starting from a simple walk on the road to an equal place in the graveyard or the world afterward.

Both genders are different physically but are equally responsible for success. Both have different roles but share a similar burden in the service of humanity. Both were created to glorify nature with their essence. Both are unique in their own qualities, and both are victims of human nature. Both are beautiful in terms of soul and solitude. They are companions in happiness and sorrow. They have a mutual share of opportunities and rumors. Nature doesn’t separate genders, but it uniquely defines their roles. Both men and women complete each other, whether it's to bring food to the table or to cook it deliciously; whether it's to give helping hands to one another or to share tea on the road; whether it's to run a vehicle of marriage or to share mutual funds of inheritance; whether it’s to have educational equality or to build strong muscles, Whether it’s to pray on the same couch or to invest equally in business, Whether it’s to play with dolls or cars or to discuss household income, both are equal in their participation but have different roles to play.

Both are equally paid for religious activities and spirituality. So nature is not gender-specific, nor is religion or creation. We shouldn’t be. As we are on the planet of the Creator, inhaling oxygen and using resources, we are in no position to question the balance of gender. All we have to do is not be gender-specific but open-hearted towards the inclusiveness of all three genders to honor the equality of nature.