UN Wants To Appoint Special Envoy For Afghanistan, Increase Engagement With Taliban

The UN Security Council adopted a resolution after China and Russia abstained from the vote

UN Wants To Appoint Special Envoy For Afghanistan, Increase Engagement With Taliban

The 15-member United Nations Security Council on Friday adopted a resolution that calls upon the global body to appoint a formal envoy to the Afghan Taliban-controlled Afghanistan in a bid to enhance engagement with the impoverished and war-torn nation.

The resolution saw 13 votes in favour, with two veto-power countries, Russia and China, abstaining. The resolution was backed by Japan and the United Arab Emirates (UAE).

The resolution calls for UN Secretary-General Antonio Guterres to appoint a special envoy for Afghanistan and work to increase engagement with the country and its Taliban leaders.

The resolution was moved following the latest independent assessment report by the UN, which called for greater engagement in the country. The report further recommends steps regarding gender and human rights in Afghanistan.

The interim Afghan government, led by the Afghan Taliban since it took over in August 2021, is not recognised by any world body or country, not even by its closest neighbour, Pakistan.

Even though it does not recognise the government there, the UN continues to work with Afghan authorities, ensuring the supply of food, aid and medical facilities apart from facilitating refugees and migrants.

After the resolution was adopted, the US enunciated how strongly it felt about it.

"The United States strongly supports this resolution's call for a UN Special Envoy for Afghanistan. A Special Envoy will be well positioned to coordinate international engagement on Afghanistan, including with relevant Afghan political actors and stakeholders," the United States representative to the UN said following the adoption of the resolution.