£190m Case: Faiz Hameed Received Rs4-5bn In NCA Deal, Claims Vawda

£190m Case: Faiz Hameed Received Rs4-5bn In NCA Deal, Claims Vawda
Former DG ISI Lieutenant General (retired) Faiz Hameed allegedly received Rs4 to Rs5 billion in a £190 million deal with the National Crime Agency (NCA), said former Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) leader Faisal Vawda.

According to the report published in The News, Vawda claimed that Faiz called members of Imran Khan's cabinet and asked them to ratify the settlement deal that had been submitted to the cabinet.

The former federal minister said in a telephone conversation with The News that General (R) Faiz Hameed, acting in the capacity of Director General (DG), Inter-Services Intelligence (ISI), had called all of the important ministers in Imran's cabinet and requested their consent to the £190 million NCA transaction. According to Vawda, he spoke personally with a few key ministers over the phone while Gen. Faiz's staff handled matters with the rest.

He said, "The former spymaster has a lengthy history of wrongdoings, which I shall discuss later." "For personal advantage, Lt. Gen. (retired) Faiz Hameed dictated Imran Khan's cabinet. At a time when the nation was under a severe financial crisis, he pressed Khan to comply by getting the Sui gas for Chakwal approved by the federal cabinet." According to Vawda, Faiz Hameed orchestrated Shehzad Akbar's escape from Pakistan.

When notified that the high court had issued the decision suspending Shehzad Akbar's flight prohibition, Vawda asserted that Gen. (R) Faiz Hameed had done all possible to assist Shehzad Akbar. The prime minister, who got favors in the form of Al Qadir University, carried out the crime (the NCA agreement), but Faiz Hameed was also a co-conspirator who benefited financially from this arrangement. Shehzad Akbar also collected more than Rs 1 billion from this sale, in addition to Gen. (R) Faiz Hameed. He slept in a seven-star hotel, and Malik Riaz's UK-based firm covered all of his expenditures, according to Faisal Vawda.

Vawda responded, "I already negated it and opposed it even during the cabinet meeting," when asked why he is bringing it up now and why he did not protest during the cabinet meeting or when he was a member of PTI.