Diary of a Social Butterfly

Diary of a Social Butterfly
I think so Mulloo’s romance with PTI is khattam. Cracks started appearing when Imran married Reham. She took it even more personally than his sisters, na. She said ‘Jemima jaisi bhi thi at least she was Sir Golden Smith’s daughter, who is Reham?’ All of PTI’s failures – the joota in the face over the rigging charges, losses in the buy elections, the millions of You turns — everything is Reham’s fault. Now tau she can’t even bare the sound of PTI’s name.

Ub her new crush is Raheel Sharif. Or ‘Gensaab’, as she calls him. Everything good that happens in Pakistan is Gensaab’s doing. Anything bad that doesn’t happen is also Gensaab’s doing. So if there is no bomb today it is thanks to Gensaab. If, on her last visit to Karachi, she didn’t get shot and killed, it’s thanks to Gensaab. If the bijli didn’t go for twenty-four hours yesterday, it is thanks to Gensaab. If there’s still water to drink in Pakistan, it is thanks to Gensaab. So yesterday I told her that the least Gensaab could have done was to make sure that the earthquake didn’t come during his rain over Pakistan. I mean, that was a bit careless no?

‘You know who is doing all the relieve work?’ she shouted. ‘The army! Ji haan. And you know on whose orders? Gensaab’s! All those helicopters he’s sending, all the trucks vaghera. You think they’re going on their own?’

‘Bhai if I’d had a few helicopters and trucks and tanks at my disposable tau mein bhi bhaij deti,’ I said.

Mulloo tau was always crack but what’s happened to the Indians, haan? Banning bechara Ghulam Ali from coming to Mumbai. Chucking black paint on the face of that poor man who’d invited Khurshid Kasuri to India. Throwing Waseem Akram out of the country and saying to Mian Shaharyar that we don’t want to play with you. Okay, baba, go play with yourselves then.

Some Indians I’ve seen on Facebook saying kay haw, if we don’t watch out, we we will also become like Pakistan. I think so they mean they will also start eating beef and carrying leather kay Birkins and listening to Ghulam Ali’s ghazals and producing fast bowlers and thanking Gensaab.