Such Gup

Such Gup

Fall from grace

We hear The Man of Steel has expressed his displeasure at the narrow win in Lahore’s famous by-election earlier this month. The winner, by the skin of his teeth, has been told that he must not expect high office for the remainder of the term. It’s nothing short of a fall from grace.

Leading lieutenants

The constant bickering between The Man of Steel’s leading lieutenants is unending and has now become legion. Our mole reports it has extended to The Man’s foreign tour to Uncle Sam’s redoubt. We hear Mr Bean let it be known to the organisers and protocol guys that he wanted to be kept as far away as possible from KA, his cabinet colleague, and that under no circumstances did he want to come face to face with him. Sigh. When will they grow up?

Red lines

Reliable sources say President Obama informed his distinguished visitor, The Man of Steel, about the risks in crossing dangerous red lines with regard to our neighbour and its Moody leaders. He is supposed to have told The Man that if there was a successful terror attack in India with the smoking gun pointing at Pakistan, “no one would be able to prevent war”. The American president also spoke of the recent terror attack on Gurdaspur and the finger pointing at Pakistan. Apparently, he opined that had the attack been successful “there would have been hell to pay”.